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5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines

5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines

Here are 5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines. We recently had the opportunity to fly Allegiant Airlines from Cincinnati to Phoenix.  If you are looking for a discounted air fare and live near an airport that flies Allegiant Air, then we suggest that you price it.  Their tagline reads “Travel is our deal.”  I had heard that Allegiant was a great way to save from friends and family who fly it often, but we had never flown it ourselves. When we started comparing prices, we couldn’t believe the savings.  We are sharing with you our experience and tips for flying with Allegiant Air in hopes to make your next trip with them as easy as possible.

Prior to booking our flight we compared several airlines to Allegiant.  There was no comparison when it came to price.  In addition to the price there were no other direct flights available which was another reason why we chose Allegiant.

  • Allegiant Air – Non Stop – $289.00 (including taxes, gov charges and fees)   Did not include extra:  Pay for Carry On – Pay for Checked Bag – Pay for Beverages and Snacks – Pay for Seat Assignment
  • Competitors (average price) – 1 Stop – $650 (including taxes, gov charges and fees) – Did not include extra:  Free Carry On – Pay for Checked Bag – Free Beverages – Pay for Snacks – Free Seat Assignment

5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines:

5.  Seat Assignments – Allegiant Charges for Seat Assignments.  What?  Yes.  It is true.  The fee will vary based on where on the plane that you choose a seat.  We did want a seat assigned because we use that time to talk business while in the air.  Passengers who have not purchased a seat assignment — “Not assigned” — will be assigned a seat by the  system at no cost upon check-in. If you would like to select your seats, simply log in to Manage Travel or download the Allegiant2Go App for iPhone or Android before you check-in online or get to the airport.

It is less expensive to purchase a seat prior to your flight.  We found the app easy to use and a big time saver.  We also logged in online to manage travel too and both were easy to access.  If you are NOT traveling with someone or with children I would say it would be no concern to skip the seat assignment to save the money.  Our seat assignment was $21 for one flight and $19 for the 2nd however that was for a seat in the first row.  I noticed that seats further back were much less (as low as $7).

If you opt not to purchase a seat assignment you can still check-in online or via the app and avoid the boarding pass fee. If you do not check-in online or via the app you will be charged $5 per person to print your boarding passes and you will have to check in at the ticket counter prior to going through security.

5 Tips and Tricks for Flying Allegiant Airlines

4.  Smaller Airports – We personally love that Allegiant offers flights out of smaller airports.  For us we consider this a positive because it took us less time to go through security in Mesa and the airport was not crowded at all.  Parking was literally right outside of the airport entrance and was extremely convenient to fly in and out of without dealing with traffic and congestion. Though the airport was a further distance from our hotel it really was an added bonus for us.  Our airport (CVG) is an International Airport so not every airport is small however many are so sure to consider that when you book your travel.

5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines - Mesa, AZ Airport

3.  How Can You Save Money – By printing your boarding pass at home you will save yourself $5.  You can also save money by adding seats, carry-ons and checked bags before you get to the airport. Visit Manage Travel or download the Allegiant2Go App for iPhone or Android for details.  Baggage fees are higher at the airport.  A helpful tip is to measure and weigh your bags carefully. Any checked bag weighing more than forty (40) pounds will be charged additional overweight fees. See the Baggage Fees section for additional information.  You may travel with one Personal Item that can fit under the seat in front of you free of charge.  Please measure your bags carefully. All exterior measurements include wheels, pockets, handles and decorations.  Fees for checked bags and carry-on bag are by route and apply per bag, per segment.

Please note passengers may bring car seats/strollers, mobility aids or assistive devices, medical equipment such as portable oxygen concentrators or diabetic supplies, food for consumption in flight, a coat, jacket, diaper bag, or an umbrella on board the aircraft without charge.  If it is possible to pack in a personal bag for your trip this is the way to go.  If not, we suggest that you splurge for a checked bag so you can avoid trying to find space near your seat for your luggage.  We did have to wait for a considerable amount of time for our checked bag because all of the Allegiant flights share the same luggage equipment.

5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines

2.  At the airport – You can not check in until exactly 2 hours prior to your flight if you do not print your own boarding pass and have a checked bag. There is no need to arrive at the airport before because they will not allow you to check in until that time. We actually arrived too early on our way to Phoenix and had to wait until they were ready to board our specific flight. They use the same ticket counter and luggage equipment for all flights so this is why they will not allow you to check in early.

Proof of age is required for all passengers, including passengers under the age of 18 who are traveling alone. Passengers who are unable to provide proof of age will not be permitted to board the aircraft.  Passengers should be at the boarding gate at least one hour prior to flight departure.   Flights will be closed out 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure.  In accordance with federal regulations, any passenger who appears to be intoxicated may be denied boarding.  Also be sure to note that Allegiant will not accept check, cash or a money order as a form of payment.

1.  Bring Your Own Snacks – Allegiant charges for snacks and beverages.  You are reading this correctly.  We found the prices for on board refreshments are fair however a great way to save is to bring your own food.  It is not possible to carry on your own beverages due to TSA guidelines unless they are less than 3 oz.  However, we carried on our own snacks that we brought from home with no concern.  The price for a soft drink and water was $2.00.  We felt that prices were really fair considering that they were more than that in the airport.  Snacks on board ranged from $2-$10 depending on what you purchased.  Many people purchased food in the airport that wanted a hot meal and brought it on board.

5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines

Our Review and More Tips:

We found the ground staff to be very friendly and easy going.  As you can see one even took a selfie with Shelley!  You can tell that they seem to have many “frequent fliers”. We packed a small personal item (Shelley took a backpack and I took a tote bag).  We each packed our purses inside our personal bag.  As long as your personal bag fits under your seat you have no issues.  We paid for a carry on and those must go above your seat.  One thing that we noted was that people placed their carry-on bags at the front of the plane regardless where their seat assignment was so that made it difficult for those who had a seat at the front of the plane.  You can pay additional for early boarding and that may help eliminate that problem if you chose to purchase that add on and we will consider that for the future.

The airplanes were no frill.  There are no movies to watch on board and generally the seats were a little less comfortable than other carriers I have flown with.  Our seats were leather and they were not extremely padded however they got the job done just fine.  I would suggest that you bring your own travel neck pillow if possible (even an inflatable one would have been nice). Also my suggestion would be to dress in layers.  I got chilly on the flight out to Phoenix and was warm on the flight back to Cincinnati.  By dressing in layers this was something that I could control easily.  We did think that aisle was slightly wider and the luggage storage was normal.  I did find that the plane was little louder than other carriers and earbuds/ear plugs/noise cancelling ear phones would have come in really handy.

There were a lot of pets on our flight. When I say a lot I mean there were at least 5 that we counted easily on each flight.  That seems a little abnormal to me but as a dog lover I found myself talking to the owners to find out their thoughts on traveling with pets via Allegiant.  All of the pets were in carriers except for one which was a service animal.  One of the owners told us they paid $100 for each leg for their pet to fly with them.  In general I am not sure why there were so many animals on board but it just seemed to be noticeable.  We actually shared some tips for flying with dogs with one of the owners whose dog was struggling.

In general, we found that Allegiant is a no-frills airline.  They seem to be pretty relaxed and easy going and have a laid back state of mind.  You need to have a similar frame of mind if you are going to fly Allegiant.  We took the time to speak to literally everyone around us and what we found time and time again was that Allegiant has loyal frequent fliers.  Everyone we spoke to flies Allegiant often and for the following reasons:  1.  It is affordable.  2.  Smaller airports. 3.  No frills/easy going. Most everyone suggested to us to always pay for an assigned seat and to pay for early boarding.  Time and time again we were told it is worth it to pay for these two additional fees.  Also, several suggested to us to forget the carry on and go with the checked bag if you can’t fit your items in a personal bag.

We personally had no issue with flight delays or cancellations.  We did run into several people who had experienced flight delays and cancellations, but we did not.  You need to remember that Allegiant is a small airline at this time and if they run into a mechanical issue with a plane or a schedule issue with a pilot that they may not have a backup available.  I did find that their social media channels (twitter) responded to all of my tweets during our travels which was nice.

Also, a tip from our reader – you can’t necessarily fly from one Allegiant airport to any other Allegiant airport. Each airport will fly to only a handful of airports. For example, you can’t fly from Greensboro to Grand Rapids but you can fly from Greensboro to Orlando, even though they all have Allegiant Air.

Would we fly Allegiant again?

Yes, we would.  If you are looking for an affordable weekend getaway or travel for a vacation, then we would suggest Allegiant.  Because of the flight schedules you have to be flexible with travel and that is easier for leisure travel versus business travel.  Allegiant Air is a great way to save money.  We had a really positive experience and enjoyed the relaxed and easy-going environment that they provided. Allegiant is no frills but that didn’t bother us.

I think to the words my mom has said over and over to me “You get what you pay for”. With Allegiant Air you are paying for air transportation.  You get what you pay for!  You can save big when it comes to traveling with Allegiant and you can add to your flight to make it a little more convenient and comfortable or you can go as affordable as you want.  It is definitely an À la carte way to travel and I really like that for those who are on a budget. Allegiant makes traveling affordable and that is a win/win if you ask me!

Disclosure:  Allegiant Air provided our flights for our review however all opinions are 100% our own.5 Tips for Flying Allegiant Airlines

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  1. I don’t think I saw this mentioned, but I do think it’s important to know….. You can’t necessarily fly from one Allegiant airport to any other Allegiant airport. Each airport will fly to only a handful of airports. For example, I can’t fly from Greensboro to Grand Rapids but I can fly from Greensboro to Orlando, even though they all have Allegiant Air.

  2. How much did you pay for the seat assignment fee? I think it’s kind of silly to pay for “picking” a seat when there’s a predetermined amount of seats and you already paid an arm and a leg for a ticket (especially during holidays!). I hope it wasn’t too much!

    1. We only paid $21 and $19 for our two legs. Even with paying for our seat assignments we saved $400 on this flight! It was worth it to us to sit together and in the front row.

  3. I have never heard of this airline before. I will have to check it out. I have flown a few times. i do good as long as i am not by myself. Tried that for the first time through Detroit airport. I had a panic attack.

    1. I was terrified of flying my whole life finally was talked into it now I fly all the time Allegiant made it very smooth and not scary at all for me as well as my mom who said she’d go to her death before ever flying now she too preferred to fly and Allegiant prices make it worth it as well

  4. I have never heard of Allegiant Airlines before, so thanks for introducing me to something new. I have heard horror stories about discount airlines from other people, so I’m glad to have read this post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I need to look into these kinds of airlines. Especially since we moved to the USA from Canada, now we can get way better deals on flights because of all the smaller airlines that fly around here. Thanks for the awesome review, and totally broadening my horizons.

  6. Wow! That is a super positive review of Allegiant Air. We have flown Allegiant many, many times. Their price and convenience of the Mesa Airport cannot be beat.

    We can’t help buy fly it on a regular basis as it’s a direct flight to South Dakota. We can only get that on Allegiant. And the price can’t be beat even with the add on fees.

  7. I haven’t flown Allegiant before, but I know people who have and rave about its affordability. I’ve been thinking about checking it out myself. Thanks for these great tips and tricks, so I know what to expect when I do.

  8. Maybe it’s just me but I am in the UK and I am yet to book a flight that does not have everything like carry on bag, checked bag included in the price so for me it’s a bit weird even being charged for seat assignment is strange to me as for us no matter how cheap the flight is everything is always included. But it is nice to hear about other places.

  9. We don’t get to travel very often and price is a big factor. I am excited to show this to my husband and let him see the affordable options. It’s great to know with a little saving and planning we can go on an affordable dream vacation. Thanks for sharing this info!

  10. I have never heard of this Airline carrier. I am not sure if they have it in my hometown. I am not a fan of the a la carte services of having to pay extra for baggage but if it is the better deal when I am flying somplace, I am all for that.

  11. Excellent tips for flying Allegiant Air. These tips can easily be passed along for other discount airliners like Spirit Airline and Frontier Airline. If you know what you are getting yourself into and manage your expectations, then all will go well.

  12. We recently flew Allegiant. My only complaint…. the flight attendant made me take out my earbuds (which were not plugged in to anything) for takeoff? Why? My son is a pilot and said that makes no sense. I put them in to drown out the noise from the children behind me (early morning flight).

    1. I am not sure but they told us that it is because they don’t have a certain FAA approval yet but don’t hold me to that 🙂

  13. As a person who may or may not work for allegiant air, it is nice to see someone/some people that do their homework before flying. Everyone’s life is easier when a passenger knows what to expect and the allegiant employee’s don’t have to deliver “expensive” news. Thanks for putting a positive word out about allegiant air.

  14. Check out the fares to Honolulu! We drive 8 hours to fly out of Vegas to Honolulu. $150 one way fares to Honolulu is nuts! My wife, 1 yr old, and I got airfare for just over $600 total if you book well in advance and avoid paying the add on fees. With all the costs combined like the gas driving to Vegas we are still well under half the price of the next lowest competitor (Alaska Airlines in our case.)

    You can usually get cheaper prices on hotels and rental cars so don’t bundle until you’ve done some research. Be sure to pack your own food and bring some empty water bottles to fill up at the airport after security. Don’t pay for a seat assignment unless you are a sucker – all of the seats are equally uncomfortable and you will get assigned a seat. You may get split up from your party but my wife and I have always been able to switch with those around us and did end up sitting together every time (had to bribe another passenger with a snickers bar once however.) If you have the time, consider shipping your checked luggage FedEx ground a week or so before your flight. You will save a ton money.

    I’ve flown on Allegiant many times and love it.

    1. No your purse is considered your personal item but you can always put your purse inside your personal item 🙂

      Your Personal Item (like a purse, briefcase, or a small backpack) must be stored completely underneath the seat in front of you.

      Maximum dimensions are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 centimeters)

  15. Were you able to listen to music through a phone/iPod touch during the flight? I’m flying alone on Wednesday and am getting worried since that helps me with anxiety of turbulence. Thanks!

  16. I was wondering if you’re able to use your phone/iPod on the flight? Ik on the website it says you’re not allowed to even on airplane mode, but someone mentioned bringing headphones for music/movies.

  17. We used to fly Allegiant all the time to Las Vegas. The pricing on “little” things kept going up and up and up. We are now flying Southwest. They don’t charge for a checked bag, seat assignment and you get free snacks!! Have always been very impressed with their staff. By the time you add all the “little” prices, along with flight fee from Allegiant, it is cheaper to fly Southwest!!!!

    1. That’s only If Southwest is running their super sales…OR, of you book mid week 4 weeks in advance. I love SW airlines and habe been a frequent business traveler on them for 30 years. However, I’m finding Allegiant consistently beats their prices even with paid seats and bags.

  18. Very helpful tips, never flown before so reading this was some help. I just worry about if something happens and the flight gets cancelled or delayed for a long time. Going on a cruise and have time limits that we have to be in is very worrisome. Even though you can’t use it Would you suggest sending your iPad/camera in your luggage bag or put it in your personal bag so you know it’s protected and with you? Not allowed to have iPods for music really stinks 🙁 What about parking at the airport, we’re leaving out of Kentucky/Cinci how much is it to leave your car parked while you’re gone?

    1. When I cruise I personally always fly in at least one day early. This helps to make sure there are no flight delays or cancellations. Yes, you will have the expense of a hotel but it is better to be safe than sorry. I would suggest carrying on your iPad/camera.

      Here are the CVG parking rates – http://cvgairport.com/park/options

  19. I am having a hard time finding these dimensions for a personal item. Maximum dimensions are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 centimeters)
    Any hints??

    1. I am also having a hard time with this… I am trying to look for small backpacks for my kids to bring. Any ideas would also be greatly appreciated.
      Also , any suggestions on luggage that fits allegiants policy. I’m looking at American Tourist bags but the websites I’m looking at do not show if their dimensions include the wheels and all things considered.

    2. I will be traveling Allegiant on Monday morning. I am using a small duffle bag (a.k.a. my gym bag), the dimensions are 7×11×16. My bag was a free gift for joining my gym, but you can probably find a similar one at a sports store.

  20. My husband flies Allegiant about four times a year from Phoenix to Montana and so far, no major delays or cancellations. I flew first time last month, no issues. I had a 7″ deep laptop case and managed to fit a tiny purse in it plus several shirts, shorts and undergarments, plus a tablet! I might buy a seat assignment for my return flight so I can exit faster lol. No frills, but when you can get a round-trip ticket for $120, hey, no complaints here! I bought trip flex and used it when I decided to stay in Montana longer. BE AWARE… if you need to use Trip Flex on your return flight leg, you CAN’T change your reservation online. You will have to call and wait on hold a long time. I waited about 35 minutes on hold, and then another 10 minutes on hold for the agent to get the flight changed. Its too bad their system can’t accomplish this online, but hey, its a discount airline. The insurance is cheap and worth it if you think you might need it. I always buy it for my husband due to his last minute work changes. Oh, and use their cell phone app for checking in… it was buggy in early 2014 for us once, but no problems since then. And if it is, just check in online and print your boarding pass. Also on my flight last month there were about four dogs flying… one was even wearing his own twin saddle bags for personal storage items, too funny! (brush, dog bones, snacks?? Haha). Didn’t hear from any of these furry companions during the flight. One final thing… the plane has two seats one side, three on the other. I had the aisle seat in the row of three seats. Which seemed good until I wanted to control the air vents and light. Hmmm, my controls are over the middle seat so had to ask the gentleman next to me to do it. Not sure if other airplanes have this setup because until this flight I always flew Southwest and always picked the window seat.

  21. Another Allegiant money saving tidbit. If you purchase your tickets online, there is a $13 Electronic Carrier Usage Charge (per person, per segment) on your ticket, so $26 on a roundtrip ticket. If you drive to the airport and purchase your tickets, you do not pay this fee. For my family of 5 when we travel, it saves $131! Since our airport is only a 20 minute drive away, it is totally worth it for me to drive and buy the tickets!! Love Allegiant for our Florida family vacations!

  22. I have flown Allegiant twice~and live near Atlanta. I can drive to Greenville, SC, in 2 hrs. and even w/parking, save about $200-300 flying to Florida. (which I do often)
    The downside is that I have to fly out at night, only on certain nights, and if that flight is cancelled, you are
    OUT OF LUCK. I agree with ppl who said the Allegiant employees were positive & helpful during the delay; when my flight to St. Pete was delayed, many of us went to the bar to wait & the gate agent came and found us! My other flight was without incident, and helped make an Allegiant fan out of someone who is a Delta Sky Miles person…and I’m flying Allegiant after Christmas b/c of that.
    My friends from Illinois fly Allegiant to Florida often, and are also great fans. BUT~realize what you are going to get! No frills, limited dates to fly, not great connections…but awesome fares, friendly personnel, and smaller airports which are generally easier to navigate. I pay to choose my seat, but unless you are traveling w/kids…not a big deal for most people. Try Allegiant–but know that the reduced cost means you give up some “conveniences.”

  23. I am flying AUS – ABQ next week and taking the plunge with Allegiant. Even with added carry-on, seats and priority check in I am still $350 less than the closest competitor. I could have skipped the seat assignment and saved an additional $32 but decided to splurge. Looking forward to giving it a go AND the fact that they are a direct flight even better.

  24. My husband and I always fly Allegiant and the prices are awesome. I like the fact that I can pick out our own seats.

  25. Nice post! About tips for flying Allegiant airlines. Thanks for sharing the information! I really appreciate the Article the information present on the blog is really useful. I look forward to getting more articles about airlines and the information is really understandable and written in a good manner.

  26. I’m flying my 1st time soon w Allegiant and my question is, I have alot of medication so can I put it all in my carry on?

  27. Bring an empty nalgene or other bottle through security and fill it with water before you get on board. no need to pay them for a drink

  28. You said that you bought the seats in the front row and that you brought a personal item. You also said that the personal item goes under the seat in front of you. How did you do that if you were in the front row? Thanks!

  29. Also Be aware that if you book a hotel or car with flight in a bundle you can NO LONGER MAKE CHANGES to your itenerary on the “manage travel” part of their website. You have to call to make any changes and its nearly impossible to get thru to them!!!!! I’ve been trying for days!!! Can’t use the chat, email or facebook either. VERY inconvenient!

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