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7 Great Workout DVD’s To Get Fit At Home

Here are 7 Great Workout DVD’s To Get Fit at Home that you will love!  Not only can you do a great cardio workout in your own home, but you’ll be able to train with a professional every day!  These great videos are perfect for giving you the tips and tools to burn calories, strengthen and tone your body in the comfort of your living room.

7 Workout DVDs To Get Fit At Home

7 Great Workout DVD’s To Get Fit at Home

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred:  This video is a classic video that has worked for tons of moms over the last few years. Not only does it have great cardio to get your heart pumping and calories burning, but it also has great targeted exercises.

Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds:  This great walking routine is the perfect choice for kicking up your walking routine indoors.  Leslie has fun additions to a classic walking routine that will get your blood pumping and help you drop pounds in no time!

Pilates Weight Loss For Beginners:  Pilates is a wonderful method of stretching and strengthening your core muscles.  This great weight loss DVD is perfect for helping build strength and stamina.

Denis Austin Get Fit Daily Dozen:  This great DVD is full of simple moves in 12 minutes that will help build strength, stamina and the focus on burning fat fast.  It’s great for the person with limited time and specific toning or weight loss targets.

Richard Simmons Sweatin To The Oldies:  Everyone knows and loves Richard Simmons and the fun musical dance moves he is famous for.  This gives everyone a chance to get active in a low impact cardio manner to their favorite classic tunes.

Yoga For Weight Loss:  Another great DVD that focuses on strength, stretching and stamina for both weight loss and overall health – this will suit your needs no matter your current level of fitness.

Zumba Body Shaping DVD:  Zumba is a great fun exercise routine that gets you moving to burn calories fast!  This series of DVD’s help immensely in building stamina, burning calories while keeping you moving and having fun.

These workout DVD’s to get fit at home are perfect for any mom on a fitness journey!  They are inexpensive, easy to follow and varied enough to match any fitness level.

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