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DIY Lavender Bath Soak

DIY Lavender Bath Soak

This DIY Lavender Bath Soak is very simple and makes your bath so relaxing!  All you need is Espom salt, lavender essential oil and baking soda. I had all the ingredients in my pantry and bathroom.  Just measure out a handful of espom salts and toss in the hot bath. Next add in 10 drops of lavender and and half cup of baking soda.  Give the bath water and good swirl so everything can dissolve and combine together.

DIY Lavender Bath Soak:

Next get in and relax. The DIY Lavender Bath Soak will help release toxins from your body, lowers stress related hormones and balances the pH levels by doing this once a week.  So next time you are taking a bath, take a few minutes and add these ingredients for a relaxing, stress free moment.

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