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Going Green!

Here are some tips and ideas that help us in Going Green! The little things we can do to Go Green!

Going Green:

  • When you are finished with your tear off desk calendar, use the pages as scrap paper!
  • Ride the bus!
  • Carpool
  • Use refillable pens.  pen refills cost the same as a new pen!
  • Use pencils that are made from recycled material!
  • Set your temperature between 69 and 72.  After it is set leave it there.  By leaving it at a constant temperature you not only save energy but create a better environment for yourself.  Temperature change causes your body to change.  Keeping it at one temperature will make you feel better and rest better!  Hint:  We had a temp problem in our house.  We always were turning it up and down.  We installed a cover over our thermostat, and we have to use a key to open it.  It is a hassle to open it, change the temp, fit the casing back on, and lock it.  We just take something off or put something on!!
  • Avoid Products that contain polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).  It is extremely hard to recycle.  Look for this in school supplies.

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