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What is habit stacking?

What is habit stacking

You may be thinking, what in the world is habit stacking.  I learned recently that some things I have been doing actually had a name! So what is it? When you habit stack you create a new habit when you are doing something that is already a habit. You stack those two habits together and don’t do one without the other.  They say it takes about 21 days to create a habit!

So what are examples of Habit Stacking?  My personal habit stacking includes:

  • I have a long driveway and I am notorious about getting the mail.  There have been so many times I grab it when I pull in the driveway.  Now I always park in the garage and walk down.
  • Remember that long driveway? Every Sunday is trash night.  Instead of enduring the struggle of taking both huge cans down at once, I take them one at a time.  I do the same thing when I bring them up.
  • I hate grocery shopping but I find myself there a lot.  I park in the furthest spot I can and walk to the doors. If I have time I walk the cart back inside instead of putting it in the cart corral.
  • This one you are going to laugh at but it works.  Every single time I go to the bathroom I do 10 squats before I leave the bathroom. You will start noticing a difference.
  • When I bring the groceries in, I do not load up, I make multiple trips.
  • We live in the country and our dogs just go out the back door.  I now go with them and walk around, do jumping jacks, or stretches while I am waiting.
  • Dance while you cook, dance when you do laundry, dance when you clean!  Dance whenever you get the chance! We have music on in our house all the time.
  • When I watch tv I walk and watch or walk during commercials. I have also watched entire shows sitting on an exercise ball and bouncing.  You can also add weights and do some arm workouts.
  • If you pick up your kids at school and have some extra time walk around the parking lot.
  • Take the long way! We went on an adventure and instead of taking the bus up we hiked it! Lots of fun and great conversation!

The key is to just keep moving! I know many of you are so busy and you feel like you just don’t  have the time. You can make time by habit stacking.  Kind of like the quote “killing two bird with one stone!”

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!  I am always looking for new habit stacks for my day! Please share all your ideas.

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