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3 Step Walking Exercise Plan For Weight Loss

3 Step Walking Exercise Plan for Weight Loss. When you are working on creating an exercise plan for your health and weight loss, one of the most common choices is walking.  Walking is flexible for almost every person, and of course, is the most cost-effective choice since you can do it anywhere with little out of pocket expense.  Many people get bored with walking or feel like it isn’t challenging enough to really do them good in their health goals, but we have a 3-step plan that will change your mind.

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3 Step Walking Exercise Plan for Weight Loss

Set the pace.  When you begin walking, you’ll take a slow and steady pace.  This will help your body get use to movement and help you to not overdo it too fast.  If you start off too hard, you’ll end up doing damage to your body.  Muscles that aren’t used to being used can be injured easily, and so starting off slow is the best way to go.

As walking at a slow pace gets easier for you to manage, begin increasing your speed.  You’ll do this in increments each week until you get to a point of a fast walk or slow jog.  For those who are working to lose a lot of weight, running may be a long way off.  Running with a lot of weight on your joints can do a lot of damage to them, so slower walking is often best to begin.

Lastly, as your body acclimates to the changes in speed, you want to increase the incline on your walk.  Start off flat, and gradually increase your incline.  If you are using a treadmill this is easy to manage and can even use a setting like rolling hills that will go back and forth.  If you are walking outside, you can change up the area you walk to include more inclined areas for extra challenge in your workout.

Add some entertainment.  Walking is boring to many, so entertainment is vital.  For some this is a television or radio playing in their home while they are on the treadmill. For others this is listening to a podcast or music in earbuds.  While reading works for some who are on a treadmill, it is typically not recommended as it can cause dizziness and lack of coordination while walking.  An audiobook is a much safer choice, and a lot more fun when you pick a great voice to read it for you!

Increase time spent.  The last step in a successful walking exercise plan is to increase the time you are walking each day.  You’ll most likely begin walking for only 20-30 minutes at a time, but as that time and the various additions to your walking plan become easier for you to manage you will want to increase the time spent.  Increase the walking schedule in 5–10-minute margins until you have worked up to an hour of walking each time you work out.

These tips can help you create a walking plan that not only fits into your lifestyle but will prove successful in helping you to lose the weight and get fit with ease!

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