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Frugal Tip for Weight Loss

Check out our top Tips For Meal Prep For Weight Loss! These will make it so much easier for you to manage easy meals and snacks that fit into your diet plans!

Frugal Tip for Weight Loss. I am sharing with you today some tips for Frugal Meal Planning that help with Weight Loss.  I truly believe that the key to weight loss success is by meal prepping every week. When I do I find that I stay on track and when I don’t I find I am easily derailed.

Frugal Tip for Weight Loss:

Use Leftovers: Instead of buying packaged sandwich meat use left-over meats for sandwiches. Not only will it save you money, but it is healthy alternative to using meats that contain preservatives. I personally roast an Amish chicken every Sunday and use it for my lunch all weeks!  I buy it on clearance/manager’s special and stock up and cook one a week.  It is a great way to save money and eat whole foods instead of preserved foods. I love this easy recipe for the Pioneer Woman’s Roasted Chicken.  It is a great way to prep for the week on Sunday night!

Use freezer or Crockpot meal planning guides.  For weeknight meals, the best options for a busy mom are to use freezer meal plans or their Crockpot to make easy meals.  These methods really make it simple to keep track of what you are having and make it easy to prepare.  What prevents you from sticking to a meal plan?  The time it takes to prepare it after a busy day.  If you ae using freezer meal plans or Crockpot meal plans, you’ll be on top of your menu easily.  Not only are there tons of diet friendly meal plans out there, but you can also easily adapt most menu plans to avoid gluten, dairy, fats, and even meats if needed.

Prep all fruits and vegetables at once.  Each week when you buy groceries, make sure you spend the time to prep your fruits and vegetables before putting them away.  Instead of finding veggies tucked into a drawer a week later that have gone bad, you’ll have them ready to use in recipes or as snacks easily.  If you are using a meal plan, it is easy to grab recipes and figure out what types of prep you need. Then you just slice, dice, chop, or clean as necessary and add to storage containers or bags.

Don’t forget to prep appropriate snacks in portion sizes. Portion control is a huge part of diet success.  Whether you are creating your own homemade granola and trail mix or prepping a few pineapples for the freezer it is important to go ahead and prep into portion-controlled sizes in advance.  This makes it easier for you to grab what you should eat and not have to worry about eating too much or stopping before you go over your portion size.  1 cup snack baggies are a great option for making sure you are getting appropriate portions on all of your foods.

When you work to make meal prep for weight loss a part of your routine, you’ll find that you are able to not only manage your portions but easily stick to your diet.  Having great healthy meal options and snack options on hand at all times is a great way to stay on track.

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