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Candy Cane Hearts

A fabulous idea for leftover candy canes! Turn them into candy cane hearts!

I love these Candy Cane Hearts!  They are such a Frugal Valentine’s Gift.  Whenever I can use an after Christmas Clearance item and I can re-purpose it for another holiday it is always a win/win in my book!

Candy Cane Hearts:

I was trying to think of a creative way to use my candy canes that I picked up from Dollar General when it clicked that I could turn them into Candy Cane Hearts.  I originally planned to hot glue them with the wrapper on which is a great idea but then I thought why not unwrap them and put them in the oven and see if they would attach and that is exactly what I did!

It was simple to do.  First, I unwrapped the candy canes.  I used a silicone mat and place the candy canes on the mat in the shape of a heart.  I did not grease my mat, but I can see where you could spray it if you wanted too.

Next, I heated the oven to 250 degrees and placed them in the oven for 10 -12 minutes.  As they started to “melt” I pulled them out and pressed them together to be sure they would attach and form a heart.  You do need to be careful when they come out of the oven as they were hot to the touch, but you also need to move quickly.  I removed them from the pan gently, pressed and then placed them on a cooling rack.

These yummy hearts could be placed in a clear cellophane bag and given as gift, tied off with a ribbon and heart tag or they could be hung with a ribbon for decoration!  Let your imagination run wild with ideas for them!  Another idea is you could turn the small version into a lollipop with a stick or even for a cupcake topper!  The total out of pocket expense for this project was $.25!

Another idea is to purchase candy after Christmas if you create a Frugal Gingerbread House like we do every year!

Be sure to check out these Valentine’s Day crafts too.  Our boys love making crafts for holiday’s and hopefully you will enjoy this roundup too!

Candy Cane Hearts

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  1. I done that for Christmas filled with white chocolate. Note to self…don’t drop the container by carrying too much all that hard work and they most of them broke. Still was good since the lid was on but goodness!!

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