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Valentine Butterfly

Valentine Butterfly is so easy to make from a empty toilet paper roll! This inexepsive craft is perfect for Valentine's Day!

Do you have some empty toilet paper rolls in your craft stockpile??? Here’s a cute craft that you can do with the children using them. My boys had so much fun making this Valentine Butterfly. All you need is red and white construction paper (or whatever colors you want to use), crayons, tape, scissors and eyes.

To start your Valentine butterfly cut the red construction paper a little longer than your toilet paper roll. Take the paper and roll around the toilet paper roll and tape together. Push the ends into the toilet paper. Cut out wings on your white paper (A little trick I use is make a heart, cut it out and then cut it in half). Let the children decorate the wings and then tape to the back. Glue your eyes on and draw a smile with a crayon. Then cut out strips of paper for the antennas and tape on the back. (You could use pipe cleaners – but I was out of them otherwise I would have used them) Now your butterfly is ready to fly 🙂

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