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Weight Watchers Beyond The Scale SmartPoints Program Updates

For all of our Weight Watchers fans, we are going to expose the mystery and teach you about the updates and how to calculate your own points values easily for free.  With the recent addition of Oprah as a representative of Weight Watchers, they also included what is called the Beyond the Scale Program featuring SmartPoints.  This is an update to our post from last year about how to do Weight Watchers for free and will help you to understand more about the new program and how it works.

Weight Watchers Beyond The Scale SmartPoints Program Updates

Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale SmartPoints Program Updates

The biggest changes to the new program are how points are figured.  In the past, we have listed Weight Watchers points on many of our recipes using the calculator listed in the post mentioned above.  These points are for the traditional or PointsPlus program, and while I plan to update for SmartPoints in the future, it will be a gradual change.  If you are looking to being the SmartPoints program now, I recommend you use our great Weight Watchers recipes but do the points calculations using the programs listed below to verify what they are in SmartPoints unless we mention specifically that the points listed are SmartPoints.

Different methods encourage better eating habits.  Many of your favorite foods will now be higher in points value with the new system.  This is done to encourage you to make healthier choices.  So, while all fruits and vegetables are free and zero points in recipes, the new program figures things like saturated fat and sugar differently.  This will mean that lean meats are valued with fewer SmartPoints, but some other items that have more saturated fats will be higher than the PointsPlus program.  The result is you are encouraged to make better choices about what you eat instead of just eating whatever you want and counting points.

How to figure daily and weekly SmartPoints.  SmartPoints will be different from your PointsPlus point values.  Some will have more SmartPoints now since the lowest daily allowance went up from 26 PointsPlus to 30 SmartPoints.  In reality, this doesn’t mean you eat more, it just means the calculations look different and thus the total numbers now reflect that.  Another change is that your weekly flex points will be calculated on a case-by-case basis instead of the flat number.  They will be figured depending on your age, gender, etc. to give you a better more reasonable number to use and still lose weight.  The biggest issues we have,

The biggest issues we have come with the fact that there have not been any real glimpses yet into how this number is determined.  We will update as we are able for those wanting to do the program for free, but for those who are already doing the SmartPoints system through Weight Watchers, the tips below will make it easier to understand and allow you to begin figuring points on your favorite recipes easily. We do know that almost everyone will get more points each day, but that the weekly flex points will vary greatly instead of being a set standard for everyone.

How to figure SmartPoints for a recipe.  Now that Weight Watchers if trying to focus more on encouraging not just weight loss but healthier eating habits, the way your points are calculated is different.  I am going to break down the different point types and what is considered in determining each.

  • Points: Calories, Fat, Fiber
  • Points Plus: Fat, Carbs, Fiber, Protein
  • Smart Points: Calories, Saturated Fat, Sugar, Protein

As you can see, the focus has become more on shifting away from just counting points on what you eat, but making sure you are eating lower point foods because you are eliminating the unhealthy saturated fats and sugar that lead to fat and weight gain. To figure points for any of these plans, including SmartPoints, I recommend using this simple online calculator.  It has proven handy and accurate throughout my time using Weight Watchers.

We hope to update you in coming months (and when legally possible) not only with a way to figure your personal daily points, but also with a printable option to help track those points each day.

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    1. I was wondering the same thing. How do we calculate what our Smart Points Daily allowance is? I can’t afford meetings either.

  1. I am wanting to try to Smartpoints program but honestly can’t afford to join. I have the calculator to figure out the point values of foods but I don’t know how many points I’m allowed. Is there anyway to find out without joining?

      1. This is for points plus, not smart points. Also, does anyone know how to calculate flex points for smart points?

        1. I guess legally smart points calculators can’t be posted for free yet. I read that the lowest daily smart points assigned are 30. The points plus calculator gave me 26. I also read that smart points flex points per week are assigned in multiples of seven, like 28, 35, 42 so that you can divide them up evenly during the week. I guess I’ll just give myself the lowest number to be safe: 28.

          1. I just finished a three month trial. I’m 5.6 feet tall and 185 pounds. Female. Medium to large frame. Luckily, I carry the weight everywhere…thank goodness! That helps some. I’m moderately active, a teacher, and pretty much never sit down. My 30 points a day was based upon me exercising 30 minutes a day.

            They gave me 30 smartpoints a day and 35 extra, which I never used.

            All fruit is free.

            I lost 10 pounds during those three months, but wasn’t very good about sticking to it. It was end of the year testing at school, and I am a terrible stress eater….so, I’m starting over, but not going back on the program. It’s just as easy to do it yourself.

            Pretty much anything has a smart point value found online through google or this site!

  2. Why are people posting points plus links when its Smart points daily allowance we’re are talking about and asking for? Is it the same or are people not paying attention?

  3. I’ve just restarted the ww smartpoints program and the only way to work out your daily and bonus weekly points allowance is to use the ww app through the play store but you must be a paying member to log in. Sorry for the bad news

  4. Greetings, ladies….
    I found a FREE WW Beyond the Scales calculator for Windows 10. The App is called: SPC
    I have one on my Android phone called: Smart Points Calc by Adibu Corp. It still works on my phone,
    but I can no longer find it in the Play Store.

    I started WW in 2003 and lost 113 lbs over a 2.5 year period. The new WW program is better than all the others I’ve been on. It’s much simpler there’s less struggle to lose weight.

    For those 2.5 years, I walked through the WW center’s door praying that I’d lost another pound. I’d sign-in with the receptionist standing there with my long face. She’d look at me straight in the eye, point her finger at me and say: “You can do it!” Her name was Bona. She was an older lady that had been with WW for 25 years and had kept her weight off. About a year into the program, I walked into the center on Tuesday morning, as usual, but there was no Bona. Instead, our leader and alternate receptionist were behind the desk.. both with long faces. I was the first one there. I said what’s wrong? Where’s Bona? They looked at me and said they just gotten a call from her husband saying she’d died in her sleep. What a jolt! I attended her funeral a week later, with these two ladies. I told them that when I reached my lifetime goal, we were going to return to her grave site and place flower on her grave. In November 2005, the three of us returned. As we sat there in tears, I could picture her pointing at me saying, “See I knew you could do it!”

    Good luck, ladies!

    1. That is such a sweet story and one we can all identify with as they people who help us really get so close to you

  5. I just joined today. My Smart Points allowance is 24 a day. w/ 42 extra a week. I think the allowances are also based on how much weight you want to lose and in what time frame.
    I’m 5’6″, weight 222, zero activity level, and want to lose 72 lbs. I signed up for the 6 month program and I’m not sure if they are expecting me to lose that 72 lbs in 6 months or not. I’d like to though.
    I only signed up for the online program. No meetings. It’s very affordable. Especially if you sign up by end of day today. I’m only paying $4.22 a week.
    My husband wants to do weight watchers with me but we don’t want to pay for him too. I’m trying to figure out how to determine his Smart Points allowance but I can’t find any calculator for it. I guess for now we will just have to make our best guess.
    There are also a ton of zero points foods, like all fruits and vegetables.
    I’m excited to get started.

  6. If it helps anyone, my husband just joined and was allotted 42 smart points per day with 47 weekly. 6’5″, 263 lbs with a goal weight of 220. We selected 60 minutes of moderate activity 5 times per week (blue collar worker).

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