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15 Fast Food Breakfasts Under 5 Weight Watchers Points

This week in our 52 weeks to wellness, we are going to share our favorite 15 Fast Food Breakfasts Under 5 Weight Watchers Points!  We know that cooking at home is always preferable, but when you are a busy mom, it is important to have an idea of a healthy alternative for those busy days.  Whether this is a routine stop for you, or a rare treat for when you go out with the family or are traveling you need to know what good choices are.

When figuring points, you also have to look at the fact that some of these meals or ideas may not be the ultimate healthy choice, but the lower point value for where you are eating.  A donut is not as healthy as yogurt and fruit, but in some instances, they may have the same point value.  What you choose to eat is up to you but remember that some items won’t be as satisfying as others and will eat away at your daily point allowance.

15 Fast Food Breakfasts Under 5 Weight Watchers Points

15 Fast Food Breakfasts Under 5 Weight Watchers Points


Fruit & Yogurt Parfait (with granola) – 4 Points

Hash Brown (1 serving) – 4 Points

Panera Bread:

Orange Mini Scone – 5 Points

Triple Berry Mini Scone – 5 Points

Wild Blueberry Mini Scone – 5 Points

Summer Fruit Cup – 2 Points

Fat Free Superfruit Smoothie with Ginseng – 5 Points


Egg White & Cheese – 4 Points

Egg White & Cheese with Ham – 5 Points

Bacon, Egg White & Cheese – 5 Points

Steak, Egg White & Cheese – 5 Points

Chick Fil A:

Multi-grain Oatmeal – 4 Points

Mix Fruit – 1 Points

Jack In The Box:

Apple Slices With Caramel – 2 Points

Mini Pancakes – 4 Points

Staying within your point ranges doesn’t have to be difficult.  Even when you are on the road, or in a rush headed out the door on a busy morning you can manage to have something tasty.  As you can see, this sampling of popular locations has a wide variety of foods that will satisfy your cravings and needs.

While not all restaurants have it listed on their menu, many places also sell low fat yogurt, oatmeal, fruit or simple plain bagels or toast.  These can all become a healthier option when other menu items are too far over your point value allowances for the day.  Be mindful when eating out and take advantage of these fast-food breakfasts under 5 Weight Watchers points.


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