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How To Afford A Gym Membership

Getting healthy means making changes in all areas of your life and exercises is a huge part of that. Knowing How to Afford a Gym Membership is a vital part of making sure your meet your exercise goals.  Unfortunately, some of us just aren’t good at being motivated enough without that out-of-pocket expense to pull us to a gym.  For others, a gym membership gives access to equipment (like pools) that is vital to them being able to exercise.  While we often feel that you can easily exercise at home for free, there are valid reasons to go ahead and get that membership at the gym and we are here to help you make that happen.

How To Afford A Gym Membership

How To Afford a Gym Membership:

Use your health insurance. Many health insurance programs also provide discounts and coverage for a gym membership.  Contact your health insurance provider and ask for the available discounts that will provide you with a discounted or even free gym membership.

Ask about Silver Sneakers. Silver Sneakers is a program for those who have Medicare.  It provides a free or deeply discounted membership to thousands of gyms nationwide.  This often also includes physical therapy services when available in some gyms.

Check with your work to see if they provide one. Many employers are now providing a gym membership or a special discounted rate.  Some even have an on-site gym available.  This is something you may be able to sign up and use and also get a discounted rate on your health insurance in the process.

Get a family membership. Ask about discounted family memberships that allow all of your family (including kids) to use the gym for a simple bulk rate instead of paying for each person individually.  This is often a great deal that will help you to afford the cost when you budget the lower per person portion of the fee into your monthly medical budget.

Ask for scholarships at the YMCA.  Did you know that the YMCA locations nationwide have scholarship opportunities that allow discounted rates on family or individual memberships depending on your income situation?  Ask for a form to apply for a discounted or potentially free membership if your family is lower income.

Ask for discounts if paid up front for a year.  Many gyms charge your account monthly for the membership fee, but some will charge you for one year up front and give you a great discounted rate in the process.  All it takes is asking.

Use free month promotions. Start your membership at any number of national chains with a free month when you ask about current promotions.  Many have promotions that run year-round, or alongside events like toy drives, cancer support promotions or even local events.

These tips for how to afford a gym membership are going to keep your family healthy with ease!

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