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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

How To Make Your Own Homemade Hand Sanitzer

I love this easy to make homemade hand sanitizer! When it comes to being on the go hand washing is not always available.  Instead of using chemicals this is all natural and safe to use on your kids!

Homemade Hand Sanitizer:

I love this recipe because young infants and children always put their hands in their mouth and with this recipe you are able to use it without concern!  Be sure to use a glass bottle to mix as the oils will break down a plastic bottle.  So easy to make and smells great too!  With cold season ahead this is a great one to have on hand now!

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

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  • Distilled Water
  • Glass Spray Bottle
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil


  • Fill glass spray bottle with distilled water.
  • Add 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil or Oil of your choice.
  • Shake Well
  • Use by spraying on hands and allowing to dry.
Author: Melissa@StockpilingMoms

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