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Color-Blocking for Less

Color Blocking

I am so excited to share with you Color-Blocking for Less. Have you heard of Color-Blocking?  I recently traveled with my savvy designer friend, Denise who introduced me to Color-Blocking.  What is great is that she is the expert of Color-Blocking for Less!  This is a very trendy style that can be done to meet your budget.

Color-Blocking for Less:

Color-blocking is when a garment or outfit is composed of finite blocks of color.  There are three simple techniques to styling a color-blocked outfit.  You can choose any of the options below.

Option A: Monochromatic = one color throughout entire outfit in different hues.

Option B: Separates = mix garments of contrasting (2-4) colors. (As shown)

Option C: Stand-Alone = one color-blocked garment or accessory where the designer has already done all the work for you.

The color-blocking technique is making a true style statement, so it is imperative to select pieces (and color schemes) that are flattering to you.  You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, just “shop” in your closet and pull things that you already have!  Adding accessories like a bold necklace or cuff bracelet and/or a colorful bag can also complete your outfit. Remember, simple is better!

Denise shares a breakdown of her color blocking for less.

Green Sweater: New York & Company $29

Yellow Top: New York & Company $19

White Capri Pants: Stein Mart $12

Blue Sling Heels: Payless Shoe Source $15

Total: $75

I am so impressed!  Not only is her style amazing she was able to create it for less!  I am motivated to start color-blocking myself.

So now I ask you – do you color-block?

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