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Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

I am so excited to share with you this Mayonnaise Hair Treatment. My hair has been so dry and brittle lately because of the cold winter conditions and I decided to give it a try. It is also great to do in the summer too.

Mayonnaise Hair treatment

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment:

It’s pretty easy, all you need is some mayo, a shower cap and your hair. Apply the mayonnaise to dry hair and leave on for around 25-30 minutes wrapped up in either cling wrap or a shower cap – I clipped my coupons during this time 🙂 Another tip is to apply color street nails while you wait.

Rinse out and shampoo as normal. I actually really liked how my hair felt afterwards. Rather than the usual dry mess it can be – it was glossy, free of frizz and shiny looking plus the ends felt nourished and cared for. I can see myself using this mask treatment once a week to give it shine and badly needed hydration.  If you are looking for an affordable hair treatment you may want to give this Mayonnaise Hair Treatment a try.

If you like this one you will love our Avocado Hair Mask. It is easy to make with items from the grocery store.

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Originally posted on Feb 23, 2013. 


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  1. When I was a kid, my friends German grandmother did the Mayo hair thing every week. She also shaved her head in the early spring and kept Mayo on it all the time. She said it gave her better hair. I always thought she had the most luxurious hair. I use Mayo on my hair too although I don’t shave my head. The last time I had a hair cut they couldn’t believe it had been 18mths since my last cut. My hair rarely has bad days.

  2. Thanks for the mayonnaise mask tips! Must try this. I use a pro naturals argan oil mask that works great too, but I love home remedies.

  3. It’s better to apply to wet hair from a hot water rinse. This opens the follicles in order for the mayo to get in deep. This treatment certainly works! I love it!

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