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Tips For Getting Past A Weight Loss Plateau

When you have been working for a long time to lose weight, you may need these Tips for Getting Past a Weight Loss Plateau.  Being able to boost your metabolism and get your body going back toward your next weight loss goal is a must.  Sometimes it can get frustrating because you don’t know why you have suddenly begun stalling.  These tips will help you to change how your body works and be able to meet your next goal with ease.

Tips For Getting Past A Weight Loss Plateau

Tips For Getting Past a Weight Loss Plateau

Change your exercise routine. You may be doing great with your current routine, but if your body has become accustomed to it, you aren’t having to work as hard.  That means you aren’t boosting your heart rate and burning as many calories.  Change up your workout routine by adding in more cardio, or even simply adding a strength training routine that will help you burn fat faster and easier.

Boost your caloric intake.  Sometimes you are eating too little food.  Your body may be feeling like it has to conserve more calories than burn them if you aren’t eating enough.  If your body has begun to feel it is being deprived, it will slow down your metabolism to make up for the lack of nutrients it needs.  Add in 200-300 calories a day in nutrient dense foods like vegetables, lean protein or low-fat dairy.

Lower your caloric intake. You may have reached a weight loss that means you need to adjust and eat less than you were before.  Even dropping 200 calories a day can help tremendously.  Just remember that eating less than 1200 calories a day is never a healthy thing to do for long term.  Anything below 1200 calories a day set your body into starvation mode and cause a plateau or even a weight gain.

Make sure your hormone levels are within normal range.  If your body is not processing insulin properly, it can easily halt your weight loss.  While this is rare, some individuals find that things like thyroid deficiencies as well as insulin issues can both create a slower metabolism.

These tips for getting past a weight loss plateau will help you to get back on track and losing weight again in no time!

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