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10 Healthy Water Recipes

10 Healthy Water Recipes

Here are 10 Healthy Water Recipes that your taste buds will love, and your body will love even more! I love drinking flavored water, but I do not like spending the money at the store to buy them. It is less expensive to make them myself and then I can enjoy the fruit & vegetables at the end of the day too! Be sure to try these waters and make some for your family as well because they will adore them.

10 Healthy Water Recipes:

Detox Water – Love this refreshing and detoxifying water.

Patriotic Jar Water – Perfect for the 4th of July

Cantaloupe Strawberry Water – So refreshing and delicous.

Watermelon Cucumber Water – One of my favorites for summer.

Lemon Water – Light and refreshing.

Apple, Orange and Raspberry Water – Delicious and perfect for spring.

Lime and Mint Water – Love how fresh this one is.

Strawberry Orange Water – One of my favorites.

Blueberry Infused Water – Easy to make and tastes delicous.

Grapefruit Water – One of my favorites.

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  1. Hello Stephanie! Thank you for these healthy water recipes. I’m going to try first the Strawberry Orange Water. I love oranges and a bit off with strawberries. Maybe they’re going to be a good combination and if that happens at last I’m going to appreciate strawberries.

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