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Wire Closet Pantry Organization Hack

This is an easy Wire Closet Shelf Organization Hack! If your wire shelves drive, you crazy this is for you!

Wire Closet Pantry Organization Hack. Do you have Wire Closet Shelves in your pantry?  Do they drive you crazy?  If so, you are going to fall in love with this wire closet shelf organization hack!  My friend Kathy is a smart cookie!  I love to follow her on Facebook because I pick up so many amazing tips and ideas from her.  We met almost 10 years ago (how is that possible) when our babies were little, and we were in Moms Club together.  Though we don’t get to see each other in person often we do follow each other on Facebook and watch our boys grow and share ideas.

When I saw that she used foam board to organize her pantry I was all over it!  The one thing that used to drive me crazy in our first home was the wire shelves in the pantry.  Everything would fall through (hence why I insisted on wood solid shelves in our current pantry). However, this life hack cost Kathy only $15 to complete.  It is a great way to save money and organize your wire closet at the same time.  In fact, she also used this to organize her linen closet too!  I am thinking of using this tip in my closet because I think my sweaters and sweatshirts would stack better and it will eliminate the shelves leaving marks in my clothing.  I am now thinking the laundry room is also on the to-do list.

She simply purchased black foam boards at the Dollar Tree and used a razor blade to cut them to fit her shelves. She chose black because she wanted to hide any debris from food items.  However, you could use white or any color.  I love how the final product turned out!  Now Kathy’s cutting boards and other items will no longer fall through the wire shelves.  Also, this gave her time to organize and pitch out any unwanted or expired items.  I hope you enjoy this handy Life Hack! It is much more affordable than renovating your pantry.


Wire Closet Shelf Organization Hack - Use Foam Board!


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