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Why Girlfriend Getaway Trips are Important

Why Girlfriend Getaway Trips are important. In fact they are a MUST. I have been taking them since Peyton was 8. I encourage every Mom to plan and take one today! Why? They are good for the soul. That is if they are taken with a tribe of friends that you adore. When you find a group of friends that are good for your soul then time spent with them will leave your cup filling full.

Why Girlfriend Getaway Trips are Important:

  1. We need uninterrupted time with our girlfriends so that we can talk. I mean really have those deep talks about our feelings. My friends call it coffee talk. We pour a cup of coffee and just hash it all out.
  2. We need time to laugh. When you are a busy Mom you don’t often get the time to just belly laugh on the day to day. During your girls trip you will find yourself laughing uncontrollably and that is good for your soul.
  3. We need to cry. Ironic after discussing laughter but crying it out with our friends may be just what the Dr. ordered. Sharing joys and heartache all while trying to solve all of lives problems.
  4. We shared experiences. We are all in different stages of our life. Some are empty nesters, some have kids in college, some have kids in high school, some have kids that play sports. Regardless of where we are we can share with each other advice and experience to help the other friend through the valley they are walking through.
  5. Our families miss us. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it is true. Not only do our spouses miss us so do our children. This is a win/win because when we arrive home we are greeted with excited family members and they realize not only how much we do around the house on the day to day but they tell us. So in effect our girls trip is good for our relationship with our husband and children too.

There are no words to describe my time with these friends who fill my cup so full. During our girls trip we prayed, laughed, cried studied His word together. We soaked up every minute of our time together. We are stronger together and we don’t get the chance to see each other like we wish because we don’t live in close proximity to each other. Our girls trip will last us until the next time. Friends like these don’t just happen. God gifted us this treasure that is more precious than gold.

Why Girlfriend Trips Are Important


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