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Favorite Bible Study Tools

Check out my Favorite Bible Study Tools. Are you wanting tools that will help you walk away from a Bible study with a more in-depth understanding of what you’ve read? Or maybe the Bible has several passages that leave you more stumped then when you began? The Bible is God’s revelation to us, and it’s important to know what it says. 

Favorite Bible Study Tools

My Favorite Bible Study Tools

There are several Bible tools out there that are perfect for not only students but that preachers use as well. Here are several of our favorite tools that will help you have a deeper grasp of the text so that it becomes more applicable to your life.   

Study Bible

A study Bible is a perfect place to begin if you’re a beginner at reading God’s word. Study Bibles provide scholarly information, maps, charts and other important insight that you’d never walk away with on your own. Considering your preference in translation, here are several notable study Bibles that you should consider.   

A Wide-Margin Bible

Do you enjoy taking notes in your Bible? Most Bibles do not provide the necessary amount of space for jotting notes down. Consider getting a wide-margin Bible that will allow you to return to your notes that you took, next to the Biblical text. 

Parallel Bibles

Another tool that is helpful during Bible studies, is having several translations that can help you better understand a word or sentence. A parallel Bible can help you make comparisons while having the original Greek and Hebrew down below.  

Bible Dictionary

Just like a regular dictionary helps us understand an English word, a Bible dictionary will help you people, places, customs as well as doctrine. You’d better pick up on keywords and phrases that have a richer significance then what you may have realized.  

Bible Commentaries

Sometimes the Bible may leave you confused at hard to decipher paragraphs. Or maybe a custom seems totally barbaric and contrary to what God originally intended? The best Bible commentaries will provide comments, ideas, and views from educated scholars that fully understand what the Bible is trying to convey. A Bible commentary is one tool that pastors don’t go without.  

A Good Concordance

For even more insight on keywords, a Bible concordance provides an alphabetical index of every word, how many times it was used in the Bible, and better help you track down key passages in the Bible. 

These are several tools that will help your Bible study come alive and have a better appreciation for what the text is conveying. What other Bible tools have you found to be useful in helping you understand God’s word? 

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