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How to Prepare for a New Pet

How to Prepare for a New Pet. Have you found a new dog or cat that you have fallen in love with and want to bring home? We’ve all been there when a litter of puppies or kittens just calls to us as we walk past them. Sometimes we know we can’t add another pet to the mix, and other times we feel it might be time. Know how to prepare for a new pet is a must and these tips will help you make a smooth transition.

How to Prepare for a New Pet

When you bring home a new pet, there are so many things to consider. Most importantly, what type of pet are you wanting to bring home? Some pets require more work than others. So, before completely bringing home a random pet, research the type of pet that will fit your lifestyle and home life. That includes researching about how to introduce them to your other pets.

The Essentials

You will want to gather all the supplies your new pet will need before bringing it home. This way you can concentrate on making them feel welcome and not have to worry about something missing.

Some of the basic essentials for any pet are listed below, and more detail will follow:

  • Food & Water-pets will need dishes for food and water.
  • Sleep and Play a crate/ cage, a bed, and blankets, litter, etcetera
  • Shelter- pets need shelter from the eliminates, heat, and cold if they will be outside
  • Health- pets need annual health check-ups and vaccinations.

Food & Water

Food is unique to whatever pet you will choose. Each animal will have its own set of requirements for nutrition and diet. When researching your pet choice, research the pet’s nutritional needs. A specific diet is needed because some pets are strictly herbivores, carnivores, or a combination and are omnivores. A proper diet will keep your pet healthy and striving along with daily freshwater.

Tip: Check with your veterinarian ahead of time for their recommendations on best foods, especially when adopting a younger pet or an elderly pet.

Bedding and Toys

What does your new pet require for sleep and play? Depending on the pet you choose, the requirements will be different for each species of pet. Some animals require a cage to live in while others are able to free roam your home. You will need to research the specifics required for each type of pet. What type of toys will your new pet need for mental and physical enrichment? A pet bird will need different toys and bedding than a pet dog. Research is a key factor in deciding the type of bedding and toys your new pet will need.

Proper Shelter is Needed

Bringing a new pet home will require it to have shelter. Some pets can live happily outdoors, while others must remain in the home. In either case, a new pet should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold. Pets should not be exposed to the elements and climate that is not healthy for that type of animal. For example, a tropical pet will not strive in a cold environment. The shelter will also protect the new pet from possible injury, attack, or getting lost.

Don’t Forget About the Health of the Animal

Your new pet will require a vet visit before they can come home. This only pertains to some types of animals. Not all pets can carry certain bacteria, pests, and parasites that can be harmful to their humans. Your new pet may also require certain vaccinations to live legally with you, such as a rabies shot. When your pet is all cleared by the Veterinarian, your pet will be ready to share a home with you. Always keep a Veterinarian contact information close at hand for emergencies that may arise. Don’t forget about your new pets annual veterinary check-up.

You have all the basic needs covered, your new pet is ready to come home. Your new pet will be a great companion while you are home, and will be safe and comfortable while you are away.

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