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Gift for a new puppy

This is the perfect gift for a new puppy. If you get a new puppy you know what an adjustment it can be. Trust me on this one. I am a dog Mom of three! We just recently added a big dog to the mix and that has been an adjustment. We love our new big dog to the moon. She is into everything though so training her has been a huge help. I suggest this Puppy Crate Training Schedule when you add a dog to your home.

When we added Vollie to our home my friend Denise gave us the sweetest gift for her. Vollie is a large breed. She is a St.Bernard and Standard Poodle mix. She is so funny and keeps us entertained. Our vet suggested when we had her spayed to also have her get a gastropexy at the same time. If you are not familiar with large breed dogs they have extra large stomach cavities. As a result their stomach can twist inside their bodies and if it happens it becomes fatal.

Once our vet explained this procedure we decided to have it done. It meant an overnight stay for Vollie and a longer recovery but after weighing the pros and cons we decided this was in the best interest for her health. We would never want something tragic to happen to her and in the end we are glad we did it.

Denise brought us a soft blanket with two raw-hide chews tied to the blanket and a sweet note. That blanket became Vollie’s lovey immediately and she cuddled up with it from the second she received it. Of course Denise attached a cute note from her dogs too. It was the perfect gift for our new puppy. I highly recommend gifting a lovey blankie to a new puppy. It is something the puppy can attach to and getting a new puppy can be a stressful time. This gift really seemed to help Vollie and me too!

We followed the puppy crate training schedule (only leaving the crate to eat and go to the bathroom) and it really helped solidify her potty training. She loves to run and jump and has already cleared the sofa she jumps so high so having this surgery was a good decision. She keeps us entertained.


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