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Should you dress your pet?


Should you dress your pet?

Should you dress your pet? I am going to say YES! That is if you want too. The best piece of advice given to me from the trainer at Petsmart was if you want to dress your pet you should start when they are young. We brought Rocky home when he was 2 months old and the first thing I did was put a sweater on him.

Should you dress your pet?

One tip of advice though is to remove all clothing and collars when you are crate training your new puppy. It is not safe to put your pet in the crate with clothing or a collar when they are getting used to the crate.  You are not sure what your pet might do or how they will react to being crated so you want to be careful and it always best to be safe and sorry.

In reality clothing is not always necessary except in the winter months if your pet has short hair. Rocky actually likes to wear clothing. It is funny because when I pull out his clothing he actually gets excited.  In the winter he doesn’t like to go out without clothing and waits for a coat before he goes outside.  It is so funny.

Should you dress your pet?

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  1. I started both mine young and they love it as well. I agree but also try not to have them sleep in it mine would rather not have it on at night.

  2. I think dressing up is cute, but my husband isn’t too much for it. Our dog is huge! I do however, put a jingle bell collar on our dog during Christmas and my husband is ok with it. 🙂 I also put on a cute hat on Luke, our bunny and take a quick snapshot. Can’t leave it on for very long, but its cute.

    Diana C

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