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Do you love your dog?

There is nothing better than the love a dog can give. Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend...Never owned a dog.

Do you love your dog? We do! When I saw this on Shelley’s personal Facebook wall, I just had to post it. This is exactly how both Shelley and I feel about our dogs. I actually did a YouTube video when Rocky was only 3 months old.  Now he is 7 months old!  Here are some pictures of our sweet dogs.

Do you love your dog?

There is nothing better than the love a dog can give. Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend…Never owned a dog.

I have been thinking about sharing some Puppy 101 Tips for anyone who is considering getting a dog. I thought it might be helpful to some of our readers.  Here are some shopping links too!  Did you know that PetSmart accepts coupons!  It is a great way to save money on your pets.

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  1. So with you that – my dog is simply awesome. Reaching your blog through social fabric and happy to learn about a new blog in our community

  2. We recently got our first puppy!! We got her a month ago and now she is 4 months old. She is a pretty good dog but I think a Woof101 would be really neat considering we could use the extra tips! I also don’t remember any of the bloggers making a match up for petco/petsmart(I follow about 20 on google reader!). I’ve found some great deals at petco already with their yellow tagged items(soon to expire I think) and pairing with coupons. Its about a 15 minute drive to reach them but we are getting a petsmart about 5 minutes away so I am kind of excited.

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