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Tips For Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Tips For Brushing Your Pet's Teeth

It is very important to start brushing your pet’s teeth.  By brushing your pet’s teeth you will prevent dental disease and will delay teeth cleanings (did you know that your pets need to get their teeth cleaned?).  It is best to start young because this becomes a part of their grooming routine that they are used too.

The best time to brush your pets teeth is when they are relaxed and you are not in a rush.  I find that to at bedtime for us.  If your pet resists brushing or growls/bites/scratches you then you should stop and try again at another time.  If that doesn’t improve then ask your Vet for guidance.  Another tip is that using a little lavender oil on their pad may ease them into a relaxed state and will also help them to sleep better.  Yes, essential oils are safe to use on your pets!

Tips For Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth:

1.  Make sure your pet is comfortable – I like to brush Rocky’s teeth at night because he is in relaxed frame of mind – generally after I have applied lavender to Peyton so then a little on Rocky’s pads.

2.  Carefully lift the tips to expose your pets teeth.

3.  You can use a brush that fits on your finger at first.  This is a good way to introduce your pet to having their teeth and gums being touched.

4.  Put a small amount of pet toothpaste (never used human toothpaste) on your finger and allow your pet to taste it.

5.  Next put a small amount of toothpaste on the brush that fits on your finger or a pet toothbrush and using a 45 degree angle move the brush gently in a circular motion on your pets teeth.  Start by brushing a few teeth and then build up to brushing for 30 seconds brushing the lower and upper teeth. Pay special attention to back teeth.

6. If your pet doesn’t tolerate a toothbrush try a washcloth.

Another tip is to use a flavored toothpaste that appeals to your pet.  For example Rocky considers getting his teeth brushed a treat and enjoys it.
Tips For Brushing Your Pet's Teeth

You can also use special products like greenies and other hard chewing items like elk antlers and rawhide chews to help with freshening breath and removing plaque.

Disclosure:  I am not a VET and I am not giving medical advice.  Always consult your VET for medical advice.

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