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Gift Idea For Dog Lover

If you are looking for a Gift Idea For Dog Lover we have a great suggestion for you. My brother got a new puppy and for Christmas I decided to put together a dog themed gift for him.

Gift Idea For Dog Lover

I went to the Dollar Store and picked out a soft bin that could be repurposed later for blankets or dog toys. It was inexpensive and he really liked it. I loved that it could be used to package the gift in and then used again later.

Gift Idea For Dog Lover

Inside I included a customized blanket with a picture of his dog on it, several dog toys, a bottle of wine, dog themed wine glasses and a gift card to Petsmart. It was a very useful gift and he thought it was really creative. If you know what kind of treats the dog enjoys that might be a nice addition too.

He really loved the dog themed gift. It made for a great gift idea. If you are like me you are never 100% sure what to gift to others. Choosing something that my brother loves (his dog) made for the perfect gift!

If you know someone who owns a dog then you should consider this Gift Idea For Dog Lover for a gift for them too!


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