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Get Well Care Package for a Teenager

DIY Idea for a Get Well Care Package for a Teenager

Here is a DIY idea for a Get Well Care Package for a Teenager.  Recently my manager’s son (he’s also my son’s friend) who is 16 years old had major surgery on his shoulder.  My co-workers and I wanted to get him something and since he is a teen boy, we figured a card and flowers was not the answer.  So I came up with the idea to get a bowl and fill it with some of his favorite drinks, candy, soup, popcorn and munchies items. He loved the Get Well Care Package and enjoyed all the things in it.

This is a actually a great gift idea for a teenager for Christmas or birthday too! When you can make a teenager smile you know you did good.

DIY Idea for Get Well Care Package for a Teenager

Start by getting a large bowl. (I had gotten a large blue plastic one from Kroger’s on clearance for less than a dollar)

Next put the drinks in the center to make this your base to work around. (I had gotten Gatorade)

Now you want to take the heavier items and add around the drink. (I put in a can of ravioli, chicken noodle soup, boxed candy)

Lastly I added in all the munchies. (I used packs of popcorn and lots of different candy)

Have everyone sign a card and then present it.

Consider this gift for any upcoming holiday or special occasion too. It could be adapted for Easter as well.

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