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DIY No Sew Garland

 No Sew Garland

I love this DIY No Sew Garland. Bunting banners can run you a cool $30-$50 on Etsy or other online sources. How about making your own for less than $10?! I found this pack of perfectly sized fabric triangles meant for quilting at my local JoAnn’s craft store. The best part? On clearance for under $7!


Fabric triangles or make your own with scraps of fabric (maybe even try squares of fabric for an alternative to the traditional bunting banner)
Seam binding
Hot glue

No Sew Garland

Step 1: Stretch out your seam binding to the length you prefer for your banner. It may even be helpful to iron it flat.

Step 2: Line your fabric with the binding and have the triangle points meet.

Step 3: Run a line of hot glue along the back of the triangle and press to the binding.

Step 4: Continue until you have finished the length of your binding.

Step 5: Hang your cute new bunting banner and have a party!

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