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Farmhouse Fall Plates Craft

This easy Dollar Store Farmhouse Fall Plates Craft project is so appealing. Not only was it something I could make in just 4-5 minutes, but it definitely suited my farmhouse love. Farmhouse style is always a hit in my opinion.

Farmhouse Fall Plates Craft

Farmhouse Fall Plates Craft: 

These DIY Farmhouse Fall Plates Craft are somewhat similar to the popular Rae Dunn items and décor, but with a thicker font. You could definitely use your Cricut or even your Silhouette maker and make your own vinyl letters to make it more like those. I prefer just grabbing them from the Dollar Tree since they are so inexpensive and already on hand.

Are These Food Safe?

While I wouldn’t have a problem using them to serve something like cookies or bread, I would prefer not to use them for eating meals. Since they are not made to be sanitized in the dishwasher or with hot soapy water, they aren’t preferred for mealtime. Their purpose is truly just to be a display during the fall and holiday season.

Can These Be Washed in the Dishwasher?

No, these are not dishwasher safe once the lettering has been placed onto the plates. While there are some products that act as sealants, as directed here they are not safe for the dishwasher.

What Sealants Should I Use to Make Them Dishwasher Safe?

If you want to seal them easily for regular use and to wash easily in the dishwasher, I recommend the Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Water Sealant. This product is easy to find in craft stores or on Amazon and is made to provide that sealant layer so these can be used for food. Just make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Supplies Needed

  • White dessert plates
  • Peel and stick letters

Optional: Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Water Sealant Glue


1. Begin by thinking about the words you wish to use. Choose fall words that will fit on your plates well. We used Fall, Boo, and Spice.

2. Cut out the letters first and arrange them on the plate so you can see how they will fit. This gives you the chance to see how the plates will look.

3. Peel and stick the letters to the plate. Make sure to smooth your fingers over the letters to remove any wrinkles or air bubbles.

4. For extra reinforcement, you can use ModPodge over the letters.

Be sure to give this Farmhouse Fall Plates Craft a try this season. You will be happy you did.  In is an inexpensive alternative to decorating this season.

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