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Dollar Store Fall Cloche

This Dollar Store Fall Cloche is super simple to make and costs practically nothing! I love adding a cute cloche to a table or shelf. They are so unique and always feel upscale and classy. The best fall crafts are those that are affordable, fun, and easy to create. This is definitely one of those.

Dollar Store Fall Cloche

If you’ve wanted something you could decorate with but that would also be easy to keep clean, then a cloche is a way to go. I love adding little displays around the house, but sometimes the constant dusting just gets to me. That’s where a scene like this can be so pretty when you use a cloche to house it on your table. The cover keeps everything together and clean, and you only have one thing to clean instead of dozens of little pieces.

What if I Can’t Find a Cloche?

If your dollar store doesn’t have these cheap cloches, you can make your own. It can be a wireframe or glass jar, but a cloche is really just a covered decoration. A plate can be used as a base and an empty glass or plastic, but transparent jar or vase can go over your display to create your own unique cloche!

What Should I Put Inside My Fall Cloche?

I picked up all of my supplies at my local Dollar Tree with the exception of my spray paint. So, I looked for small fall-themed items and found some cute ideas in the fake flower and bouquet stems area. These miniature foam pumpkins are ideal since you can clip off the stick and arrange however wanted. Fake leaves, greens, and other gourds or fall-themed items are also excellent.

You can put anything you want inside yours, but I like sticking with basics like fall fruits, pumpkins, gourds, leaves, or similar. A turkey or even a DIY turkey craft can also fit in there. Maybe even a miniature cornucopia would work for a fun look at Thanksgiving.

Supplies Needed

  • Mini foam pumpkins
  • Medium foam pumpkins
  • Crafting grass
  • Small cloche
  • Mini twinkle lights set
  • Gold spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks


1. Begin by removing the base of the cloche. Set it on the newspaper and give it two coats of gold spray paint. Allow it to dry well.
2. To give your cloche bottom a distressed look, you can gently scratch the surface with sandpaper.
3. Glue the crafting grass and 2-3 pumpkins to the cloche base.
4. Replace the lid on the cloche. Add some decorative twinkle lights around the base.

Your fall cloche is now ready to be displayed on a mantle or bookshelf.

More Fall Craft Ideas

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