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How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer. It is a great time to get a new pet!  You can avoid snow, ice and rain which is difficult during potty training.  However, the weather can often times be extremely hot, so you have to be careful to keep your pets hydrated especially when they are outdoors.  I thought I would share with you some tips of how to keep your dog cool this summer.  Of course, our number one tip for new dog owners is to use the puppy crate training schedule. I swear by this method for new puppy owners.

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Keeping your dogs hydrated during the summer is so important.  Provide shade for your pets when they are outdoors and lots of water. Check out the tips below. Remember your pet can’t “tell you” When they are thirsty but during the potty-training process you have to limit water until your pet can control his urination.  This is a tricky time for new pet owners.  If you use the puppy crate training schedule it will help with this process.  If you take your dog out for walk in the summer, they are going to need additional water.  Each day your dog should consume two bowls of water to remain hydrated.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

  • If your dog sheds this will be a time that most dogs will begin to lose their undercoats. The undercoat is the woolly fur that keeps dogs warm in the winter.   You need to continuously brush your dog so that this coat doesn’t become tangled and matted.  If your dog gets matted, then you risk having to shave your dog.  You may need to purchase a shedding blade and groom your dog more often until all of the undercoat is out. If you don’t groom your own dog, then just be sure to schedule a grooming appointment.  We have two miniature schnauzers, so we don’t have to worry about the undercoat.  Also, don’t assume your dog should be shaved for summer.  Long, thick coats can help provide insulation in both cold and hot weather. Removal of the natural insulation could stress your dog so be sure to check with your vet before you shave your dog.
  • Your dog should not be left in a car during the summer or high temperatures for any length of time.  Rolling down windows are NOT enough to protect your dogs from the heat and humidity.  They can easily get overheated and even die.  This can happen in as little as 5 minutes!
  • You should try to schedule your daily walk with your dog in the early morning or in the evening to avoid overheating and dehydration.  Also, be sure to take water with you on long walks.  If your pet looks to be in distress be sure to take it seriously. Hydration is important for your pets.
  • Even though a dog’s pads are tough, they can be burned on hot pavement or asphalt. If you must take your dog for a walk during the day, try doggie booties or walk in the grass.  Think about how your feet feel on hot pavement.  The same is true for your dog.  I avoid walking my pets between the hours of 10 am – 4 pm during the summer.
  • If your dog enjoys the water, consider filling a kiddie pool and placing it in the yard.  However, some dogs do not like to swim.  Don’t force or throw your dog into the water and NEVER submerge your dog.  This can cause your dog to drown.  Also don’t use an inflatable pool with your dog but choose a hard sided pool instead.  Try with a couple of inches of water at first and ease your dog into the water.  You may have to get in the baby pool with him.
  • Dogs who lack dark pigmentation around their eyes, nose and ears, and dogs who are light in color can suffer from sunburn. Sunscreen should be applied to these sun-sensitive areas or avoid being outside with your dogs during the hours of 10 am – 4 pm.
  • Be sure to provide lots of water and shade for your dogs when they are outdoors.  They need a shady spot to be able to cool down and lots of water so they can remain hydrated in the heat.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer


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