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Reasons Pets Improve Your Health & Fitness

Sometimes people ask why having pets is so important to me, and here are some Reasons Pets Improve Your Health & Fitness.  When you are trying to lose weight, get healthier, fight off depression or simply get out of an unhealthy rut in life, a pet can be the difference that pushes you out of that comfort zone and right into a challenge that improves your life.

Reasons Pets Improve Your Health & Fitness

Reasons Pets Improve Your Health & Fitness

They get you moving.  Dogs are an excellent choice to get you making a few more steps each day.  Whether your dogs are indoor or outdoor pets, you have to get out to play and walk them on a regular basis.  For someone who is sedentary, a few walks around the block each day with a dog can make a huge health difference.  Cats may seem like fairly sedentary pets, but they also need active play time.  Even though you aren’t walking with them usually, there are tons of ways that a cat can get you up and moving.

They improve your emotional health.  Pets are an amazing anti-depressant, and anyone who has battled weight issues in their life knows that depression plays a huge part of that. Whether your depression comes as a result of being overweight or is the cause of your weight gain any improvement in your demeanor can help.  Cats are especially soothing and helpful when depressed, but a loving puppy to show you unconditional love can truly change your outlook on life.  Neither are a sure-fire way to rid yourself of depression, and medical help is always recommended, but both can definitely lift your spirits.

They offer unconditional love and support.  A pet’s love for you is something you can depend on.  Often when you are struggling with diet, exercise, depression or any number of health issues feeling loved by someone is what keeps you going.  This is one of the best reason pets improve your health & fitness.  They offer you the love and support that you need so much to keep going even when you initially don’t feel like it.

These reasons pets improve your health and fitness are obvious, but sometimes we just need that reminder.  The next time you need a pick me up or an extra edge on improving your health, consider adopting a dog or cat. The love they provide will change your outlook and give you the boost you need to get back on track.

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