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January Blues Giveaway

We are bringing back a FAN favorite! For many years we hosted a January Blues Giveaway and haven’t in several years. After celebrating our 10th blogging anniversary, we thought this was the perfect time to bring back one of our reader favorites. January is a rough time of the year. The holidays have ended and what better time for a giveaway!

January Blues Giveaway

January Blues Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is CLOSED

The Winner Is: Leanne 

Let’s keep it simple! We are going to take a priority mail flat rate box and we are going to PACK it full! Seriously, it will be like Christmas Day all over again when the winner gets this box in the mail.

We are taking all of our FAVORITE brands and adding (one time) every single day of January! The best thing is it will be a HUGE variety! It will be full all all of our favorites including some gift cards and then on February 1st we will randomly select a winner!

To Enter:

The best news is there are no hoops to jump through! The more comments that you make on this post give you additional entries to win! It is THAT simple!

You can enter once, or you can enter an unlimited about a times. The sky is the limit! So, comment away.

We hope you enjoy our “infamous” January Blues Giveaway!

Good Luck!

Melissa and Shelley

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  1. This sounds like the pick up my family and I could use getting back into the swing of things ! Kids go back to school tomorrow and they’re (we all are!) So sad !

    1. Breaks are hard! I love the family time but routines get broken and its makes it difficult

  2. It isn’t even 2pm, and I have had upsetting news already. This would be a HUGE blessing!!!

  3. How have i missed this giveaway in past years? Been following from the start and can’t believe I’ve missed it!

  4. Taking vitamin d helps a little with SADD but this would be a big boost for the month! 🤞

  5. Thank you for bringing this contest back! This is going to be fun and it comes at a much needed time of the year!

  6. Congrats on 10 years!! I remember when you first started and I went to your coupon classes!

  7. I could use a pick me up after getting some not so great news right before Christmas.

  8. This would be such a blessing after all the holiday craziness! I can’t even imagine how exciting it would be to open that box!!

  9. I know a lot of people who get the blues around the holidays.good luck everyone
    Happy new year to everyone

  10. My kids are so excited about this as we follow you guys regularly so you’ve become a big part of our many cooking adventures! Good luck everyone! 😍

  11. Yay! I’m so excited for this giveaway to come back! 2020 is going to be a banner year. I hope…. lol Happy New Year and good luck to everyone who enters.

  12. After just getting out of the hospital for the 4th time this year, this would be great!!

  13. Thank You for doing this package especially at a time when people can have more Jan blues after the holidays and the back to norm life returns. This will surely make someone’s day if not whole next year!!

  14. The options are endless to guess what could be in the box from stockpiling moms. Hope I win and get to find out what’s inside

  15. This is the Best Couponing website. I love all the ways I learn how to save. Thank you for the giveaway.

  16. Today is the first day back to work after the holidays and it is giving me the Blues!

  17. I am a Chicago baseball fan. I like the white Sox. Are you a White Sox fan or a Cubs fan?

  18. ooooohhhhh! It would be just like Christmas with all the exciting presents to open all at once. As moms, we all give so much of ourselves at Christmas time as well as all year long. It would be a nice treat to be recognized and get something sweet and nice in return!

  19. Struggles that kids would have today is trying to pick out or find a CD to listen to in their CD player.

  20. Hard to believe it’s Friday and back to school Monday:( Happy Friday for those who have worked all week.

  21. Iv always loved your favorites, so I know this box will be filled with awesome things!!! whoo hoo!!!!

  22. Yea for 10 years. Thankful I found your blog and have been following all this time. Meeting you guys was the best!!!! You both are down to earth and so easy to talk to. Thank you!

  23. Try this positive affirmation throughout the new year:
    I am resilient and can get through anything.
    Say it to yourself several times each day.

  24. Pledge to help the environment (from Recyclebank).
    Pack your lunches, with leftovers if you can, to save money and reduce food waste.

  25. Favorite things in January?

    Me-My moms Birthday (Who also loves Stockingpilingmoms)
    Start of a newyear.
    Martin Luthern Kings Day
    A friends Birthday

  26. Yes, the holidays are over…breaks are over until Spring Break so this right here gives us a month of excitement. Something fun to look forward to. YEA!!!

  27. Speaking of snow…It’s snowing. I enjoy the snow if it only would stay off the roads. I do not like driving in it. Winter is a time for us to be home except for school. I would love to do that too.
    Safe travels for anyone seeing snow today!!!!

  28. Rolling around on a wrestling mat with a bunch of boys is not my cup of tea on a Saturday morning.

  29. Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days you know that there are better ones coming.

  30. I would love to do more traveling. But with kids and their schedules. It prevents me from doing a lot of things. Ugh.

  31. I have to say it’s hard to believe we are in 2020. When I was younger seemed like 2020 was so far away and there was suppose to be flying cars. LOL.
    Nay we have this amazing giveaway-more fun. I have a chance to win, not sure I would be able to afford a flying car…LOL

  32. January 5 is the fifth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 360 days remain until the end of the year

  33. January 5, 1477 – Battle of Nancy: Charles the Bold is defeated and killed in a conflict with René II, Duke of Lorraine; the Burgundy subsequently becomes part of France.

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  46. I actually enjoy watching football we watched the AFC Saturday now the NFC Sunday for wild card position.

  47. Pledge to help the environment (from Recyclebank).
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  49. 5 Waste-Reducing Ideas for Bookworms (from Recyclebank).
    3. Frequent used bookstores in your community.

  50. 5 Waste-Reducing Ideas for Bookworms (from Recyclebank).
    4. Participate in Little Free Libraries.

  51. 5 Waste-Reducing Ideas for Bookworms (from Recyclebank).
    5. Find creative places to donate used books.

  52. Sad to see my daughter go back to school tomorrow. She is my bestie and I love when she is home with me.

  53. One day the people that don’t even believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.

  54. We have not had a lot of snow yet where I live. I am sure we will be getting some soon.

  55. Have you ever brushed your teeth and then drink orange juice? Tell me what you go through.

  56. Nowadays, kids don’t even enter a library to take out a soft or hard cover book. Today kids have what’s called kindles to read.

  57. Unless it’s the Wall Street Journal, kids will never understand reading a newspaper from front to back.

  58. Pledge to help the environment (from Recyclebank).
    Donate your old plastic Christmas tree (if it’s in good shape) to a local homeless shelter or community organization.

  59. “Recycle” your live tree in an eco friendly way. (from Recyclebank)
    For real cut trees, many cities have drop-off locations and/or curbside pickup programs, and they’ll “recycle” them for you, by turning them into mulch, using them to rebuild sand dunes, or for erosion control.

  60. How can you teach your kids the importance of recycling? (from Recyclebank)
    Let them pick out a fun reusable water bottle to use instead of buying bottled water. Having a personalized style helps kids (and adults) feel a sense of ownership over their sustainable choice

  61. How can you teach your kids the importance of recycling? (from Recyclebank)
    Involve them in sorting the recyclables. Little kids can look for the recycling symbol or the plastic number codes on packages.

  62. How can you teach your kids the importance of recycling? (from Recyclebank)
    Start a compost pile in the backyard and let the kids be the ones who turn the compost tumbler or add scraps. It’s a gross-but-cool learning experience to watch how the organic waste decomposes, and to spot the occasional worm helping the process along.