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Be Prepared for Long Delays by Packing a Travel Kit

Travel Tip - Be Prepared For Long Delays By Packing a Travel Kit

Be Prepared for Long Delays by Packing a Travel Kit. If you are taking a road trip this summer, I wanted to share with you my number one travel tip.  If you have ever found yourself literally stranded while you are traveling (like I have) you will never leave the house on a road trip again and not be prepared.

Travel Tip – Be Prepared for Long Delays by Packing a Travel Kit

  1.  Pack plenty of bottled water.  At least 24 oz per person so that you can stay hydrated.
  2. A roll of toilet paper.  Not joking!  If mother nature calls while you are on the road and you can’t make it to the bathroom you may have to go outside.  Always be prepared.
  3. Food – pack plenty of snacks and food.  PBJ is a great go-to.
  4. Games and activities.  I never leave for a road trip without card games, books and small toys.
  5. A battery-operated fan.  If it is hot outside, you may appreciate a battery-operated fan if you find yourself on a long delay.
  6. Download the travel app – Waze. We swear by it!
    This is a navigation app that offers multiple routes, real-time traffic updates, notifications about speed traps, and the ability to compare gas prices.  It is awesome!
  7. If you are traveling during the cold season pack hand and feet warmers and loads of blankets.  It is better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Be sure to fill up with gas regularly.  Instead of waiting until you are empty fill up often.  We never let our tank get below 1/2 tank when we are road tripping.
  9. AAA card.  We never leave on a road trip without it!
  10. Spare Tire and roadside emergency kit.

I hope these travel tips help you!  It is better to be safe than sorry before you head out on your next road trip.

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