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Why you should use a fire pit service on 30A

Why you should use a fire pit service on 30A. We are home from the most amazing vacation on 30A. We celebrated my son’s 16th Family Day while we were on our trip and hired a beach fire pit service to host a party for us. It was amazing!

Why you should use a fire pit service on 30A:

First of all in order to host a fire pit on the beach at 30A you have to purchase a permit. They are limited in availability so by using a service they take care of that for you. Not only that but they provide everything you need including an attendant to man the fire during the party.

We chose to hire 30A Blaze. I selected this service because they are veteran owned. Also, they came with “glowing reviews” please pardon the pun.

I am so glad we chose this service provider because they did an amazing job. I also love to support veteran owned businesses. They took care of everything! They provided the chairs, table, fire pit, garbage can, skewers, speaker and tiki torches.

All we did was show up and bring our S’mores supplies! In addition I brought some sparklers and glow sticks. I also brought a cooler, cups, plates, paper towels and insect repellant.

Not only did this provide a really special way for us to celebrate our special occasion at the beach it also provided us an awesome opportunity for sunset photos, family time and loads of fun.

There are so many services available on 30A and I can only speak to the service that we used. I did see other services in action and I was really pleased with our quality.

So yes, I do think you should use a fire pit service on 30A. It was worth every penny. We made lasting memories that we will treasure for a lifetime.

This is Jacob. He was our attendant for the night and did an amazing job! We were impressed with 30A Blaze and would definitely use them again.

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