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How to have the best trip to SeaWorld

How to have the best trip to Sea World, Orlando Florida

This fall we had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, FL before my 2nd open heart surgery.  We had the time of our lives!  We stayed in an Orlando Vacation Home that was near Disney World. We spent one day visiting Sea World on our trip.  I hadn’t been to Sea World since 1999.  BOY how it has changed!  I was so excited to share this opportunity with Peyton because he LOVES sea life.  He loved Sea World as much as I thought he would.

How to have the best trip to SeaWorld:

Planning is the key!  I would suggest going to Sea World during the weekday if at all possible. It is less crowded than on the weekend.

Purchase tickets in advance.  You can order tickets online and save money!  There were people who didn’t have advanced tickets and they paid a lot more than those who ordered online.

Consider a hotel package.  If you are not staying in a vacation home like we did, then you may want to consider a hotel package. They are available online at Seaworld.com

Pack your lunch.  You can leave and re-enter.  By packing a cooler, you can save a TON of money.

Pack bottled water and snacks.  I looked online and it said you could NOT bring in bottled water.  When we arrived at the park it said you can bring 2 bottles per person in a soft side cooler. Luckily, I had it in the car, so we were set!  According to the website:  Large hard or soft coolers, glass containers, food, drinks and picnic lunches may not be taken into the park. Guests with special diets, baby formula or baby food may bring their items into the park.  Again, when we arrived the sign said otherwise.  I did bring snacks which came in handy at the shows.

Wear sunscreen and pack sunscreen.  It is HOT and sunny (even in October when we were there).  Be sure you wear sunscreen and reapply.

Wear a hat and sunglasses.  It will help you stay cool and protect you against the sun.

Wear comfortable shoes.  There is a lot of walking at Sea World.  Be sure you have on comfortable shoes.

Take Time.  Be sure to attend the shows and check out the animal interactions.  In addition, they have some amazing rides.

Pack Ponchos.  Often times in Florida you will experience a pop-up shower.  I always pack disposable ponchos in my backpack in case.

I had NO issue eating gluten free at Sea World.  There were choices at many of the locations inside the park including snacks.  I did pack my own which saved me a lot of time and money.  We ate at Sharks Underwater Grill which was a nicer sit-down dining choice.  The food was great, and it gave us a break from the heat.  It was my son’s favorite dining choice on our entire trip.  He loved it and there was not a bad view in the entire restaurant.

The new attraction is Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin and we LOVED it!  The ride was nice, and you end at a viewing of the Penguins (it is really cold there) but worth it because there is no glass between you and the penguins and a great place to cool off when it is hot!

Of course, you can never go wrong by attending the Shamu Show! It was a highlight of our day! The boys favorite ride was Journey to Atlantis. They rode it 5 times but the last time they were soaked to the bone!

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Disclosure:  Our tickets were provided by Sea World however all opinions are 100% our own.





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