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Stockpiling 101 – Organizing Your Coupons

Stockpiling 101 – Organizing Your Coupons. It can be very overwhelming when you start stockpiling. I often get asked how I organize my coupons. Organization – is the most important part to stockpiling success (however you are talking to an organization nut here). If you are unorganized then you are simply not going to be able to save as much money because you won’t be able to find your coupons to cash in on the deals.

Stockpiling 101 – Organizing Your Coupons:

I use the binder method filled with baseball card inserts. In particular I use the Coupon Clutch. I personally love this method because I can easily scan through and see very quickly what coupons I have available when I am matching and when I am shopping in the stores. I personally clip all the coupons from the inserts that I will possibly ever use (not the ones I would never use…for example pet food as we don’t have pets). The reason I clip all of my coupons is because though I may not buy a particular brand or item “normally” I will buy it if I find it free or near free.

I have my coupons divided into categories that make sense to me and I suggest you do the same. I personally have them divided by: Baking, Beverages, Breakfast, Canned, Dairy, Drugs, Frozen Foods, Heath and Beauty, Household, Fruits/Veggies, Meat, Organic, Other, Rebates and Store.

I use the Coupon Clutch because it closes shut, I can carry it on my shoulder, and it is stylish… I find this the easiest way to be able to carry my coupons, shop and keep organized (plus I have dropped my binder several times in the checkout process, and this has become a huge life saver). I use two 3-hole zipped pouches at the front of my binder. One holds my “hot coupons” and the other holds my restaurant coupons. Also in my binder, I keep a calculator, small pair of scissors and the current weekly sales ads.

If you don’t clip all the coupons from the inserts, it is important to keep and file the inserts (or what is left after you clip them). A helpful tip to know is that the date and name is printed in very fine print on the outside of each insert cover.

Being organized will take time in the beginning however once you are organized it will end up saving you money in the end! I also want to add that I NEVER leave home without my binder. I take it with me in the van every time I leave the house. The one big tip I can give you is if you don’t have all of your coupons with you then you won’t be able to save money when you run across a great deal!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have just started using coupons and I went to the store last night with an envelope filled with coupons. I was holding some in my hand, some stacked on my purse (until my phone rang inside my purse and I had to carefully move them), and the ones I had purchased I put back in the envelope for when I got to the checkout. I was hoping nobody was going to knock into my cart and send them all flying in the aisle. Also, it took so long to look through the coupons while I was in each section of the grocery store.

    Thanks for sharing your idea for organizing them. I can see a much more pleasant shopping trip in my future now!

    By the way, any chance for a COUPON for the Coupon Clutch??? 🙂

    1. Yes, we do 🙂

      Denise who is the owner and designer of Coupon Clutch is offering our readers an exclusive $5.00 off coupon! Use the code TAKE5 off an order of $25.00 or more!

  2. I have been a long-time couponer, and have mostly used a file system in a plastic bin for my coupons. It is very cumbersome, and difficult to maneuver now that I have 4 kids! This coupon clutch looks like the way to go!

  3. I definitely like the binder method better than the envelope method. I have lost out on savings because a coupon has been buried in my envelope under a sea of other coupons. Thanks for the info. Great post!!

  4. I use the binder method as well to save my coupons. However my binder is not as cute as these! I am going to ask for a coupon Clutch for Christmas. I love all the fabric choices!

  5. I have a refillable planner that I took everything out of but the blank paper. I then took some Ziplock Baggies (the quart size) and labeled the baggies with a Sharpie Pen. I puched holes in the bottom of each baggie and placed baggies in the holes. I would rather have a coupon clipper. If I won, I would purchase the black one and additional pages. I think this is an awesome product!!

  6. I use a binder with zip pencil pouches, but it’s difficult to keep them organized and rotated. I need a good clutch or binder system! I love your site!

  7. Like most of the the clutches…cute, stylish and great for getting organized.
    Love the newly added designs of solids and chickens!!! Sweet.

  8. Until recently I was not a serious couponer and I had my coupons organized by month. I quickly learned this method wasn’t helpful as I could not easily put my hands on the category of coupon that I needed, but more imporantly, many coupons expire at different times during the month. Therefore, it was all too easy to miss (and forget to use) the coupons that expired at the beginning of the month.

    Just my .02.

  9. What size binder does the clutch hold- 2″ or 3″? I want to make sure before I get started- thanks!

  10. I definitely get overwhelmed with all my coupons so the coupon clutch would definitely help me get organized.

  11. I have been couponing for almost a year now and I have been organizing my coupons alphabetically by product, in a rubber maid bin and ziploc baggies,but I have found it to be too time consuming when it comes to grocery shopping . Then I tried the not cut method and that just fails because you never know if you are getting the best deal or what coupons you really have. I believe the binder system is the way to go! Would love to win the coupon clutch!

  12. My daughter uses the coupon clutch and it works great! I don’t know where she learned to be so organized. I still have coupons laying on my desk and in envelopes!

  13. I love this binder! My organization is a mess! I have a clutch only, and then two oxyclean containers! I do have them divided, but of course you can’t bring the oxyclean containers to the store, so I have missed out on some deals because I couldn’t bring all my coupons with me. I would love to win this and get organized!

  14. I use a binder and the baseball card sleeves. However, it does not look near as nice as the coupon clutch.

  15. I am sorry for me previous post..I jumped pages on accident.
    I use a very small coupon holder for my coupons and I keep them sorted in envelopes. I can see myself using a binder in the near future.

  16. The coupon clutch is beautiful. Way better than the box that I use. (The lid falls off when you open it.)

  17. What a great idea! I’m new to couponing and using envelopes right now. I think I will try this. Thank you for this post!

  18. I still have my coupons in the accordion style holder. The coupon clutch would work out much better.

  19. Sounds like a great method of organizing. I tried keeping the inserts, but it was too cumbersome. My current clipping method takes too long to go through.

  20. I used this advice to start my own binder..I would love a coupon clutch…not only does it make it more stylish but easier to carry!

  21. I also use the binder method, but I use full sheet protectors so I don’t have to cut, cut, cut

  22. I typically go through the Ads and find what I plan to buy at the time of going shopping and those are the only coupons I clip.

  23. Love that you never leave the house without your binder – something I need to get better at!

  24. I have been thinking of doing the binder method again. I do like that you can just flip through & see the coupons.

  25. I have a small accordion organizer, but in desperate need of a new organizer. This would be perfect!

  26. I currently have on of those accordion style coupon holders, and it is driving me insane. My 19 month old got ahold of it a few days ago and dumped it out. NOT FUN!

  27. everyone organizes different and i love the clutch but im not sure how i would organize mine within the clutch

  28. I agree with bringing the coupons with every time you leave the house. I’ve already run across a couple of deals but didn’t have my coupons with me and was bummed!

  29. I like the idea of bringing all the coupons with you when going shopping, because something might not be on your list to get but, the store might have an awesome unadvertised deal.

  30. I read your organizing tips. I have my coupons in envelopes right now and it is so cumbersome. The coupon clutch would be a godsend.

  31. I love the fact that it just looks like a beautiful tote bag and that it is so useful as well!

  32. I use the binder method also and love it! And yes you must carry your coupons with you everywhere! who knows when a good deal might come up! 🙂

  33. Duh… why haven’t I kept scissors in my notebook?!? I guess because mine are big. I need to get some kid scissors. Thanks for the photo reminder!

  34. This Coupon Clutch would be great. I currently cut coupons and store them in a drawer, but sometimes make trips to the store and forget to grab the coupons. The Coupon Clutch is so organized. I would love to invest in one to keep my coupons organized and with me when I’m out to save money and time.

  35. I am trying to do my coupons this way. I have got to find some baseball card pages though. I love your tip on clipping any coupon that you may use. I was throwing away the coupons that I thought I wouldn’t use and then it seemed like I would always see a deal that I would need one of them on to help get a great deal on something I did want. Now I clip them too. Thanks for all your info!

  36. I haven’t thought of putting a Store coupons tab, I usually mix those in with the rest of my coupons. Good thinking.

  37. This folder is really cool, I use the box/filer method….but would love to have one of these.

  38. I really need a different way to organize my coupons! I would so love to win the coupon clutch.

  39. I still use one of those envelope type coupon holders and I know I could do so much better if I was just a little more organized.

  40. I love the idea of having something to keep my loose peelies, tear pad q’s,etc.. from falling out and all with style.

  41. I never thought to carry my binder with me all the time… but then today I experienced the disappointment of seeing a great deal and not having mine. I can assure you it will be in the car in the future if I am in it.

  42. You are so organized. I strive to be like you. I love all your tips. And I know I need to get to work organizing and to remember to always carry a scissors and calculator, a great idea.


  43. I use sheet protectors and a 3 ring folder. I made three categories per sheet by stapling off 3 sections and cutting a slit for each opening.

  44. LOVE that Coupon Clutch!

    Right now I just use a large “tabletop” accordion file I found at JoAnn’s and got 50% off. I was so happy because it is the right length for some of the longer coupons.

  45. For years I have stored my coupons in envelopes, I am in the process of putting them into a binder- I love the clutch, it is so cute!

  46. This is great!! I use a small binder thinging and an envelope when I go to the store.. where can I buy this?

  47. Love this clutch. It is really cute and stylish…. Never thought about a calculator in my messy binder.
    I use baseball card protector sheets and photo album ( skinny long ones ) inserts too ~

  48. I would love to have a coupon clutch but someone would have to give it to me as a gift, as I am too frugal to purchase it for myself… 🙂

  49. I use a regular binder but hopefully will be transitioning to a zipper binder soon. I use baseball card inserts. I like the idea of the hot and restaurant holders and may include those soon. Also, I organized according to my local Kroger Store, however, I may revamp it a bit since I just started – I like your categories and may add a few more. Also, I pull the coupons I’m using for a particular store (Kroger, Meijer) and put them under that store name so when I go I don’t forget anything. I also use your list feature to organize (and share your info with family & friends) my shopping trip. Thanks 😉

  50. I’m am a newbie and so need help organizing my coupons! I ordered a Coupon clutch tonight with the promo code that was posted earlier…Thank you!!!

  51. would love to have the coupon clutch! My coupons are so disorganized and I can’t find them when I want to buy the product!

  52. I would love a big notebook but i’m trying to get by right now with a card box.

  53. I love the clutch! I’m new to couponing, and I haven’t seen that before. Right now I organize in the card holders organized by catergory. I have a Trapper Keeper so I can zip it closed when I’m done with it, but it is pretty bulky and I love that the clutch has handles. It isn’t easy unloading all my goodies after a shopping trip with the Trapper Keeper in hand.

  54. I love the coupon clutch. Have asked my hubby for one for mother’s day. I have a nice binder that has a zip up case but it is a business binder with a handle so I like that this one is stylish and you can carry it like a bag.

  55. I use the binder organized by categories. I tried doing it alphabetically but that took too long. I’m just getting started on it again, and I plan on using a filing system and then only clipping the coupons I need when I plan my shopping trip.

  56. I Love the Coupon Clutch. I use the binder and have saved so much money. I Love Couponing !

  57. I must get a binder, it really is the best way. I finally got everything organized by category in a small plastic expanding file that fits in my purse- but the HBA and cleaning are so full that when I see something unexpected on sale I have to stop, get the whole stack out and go through them. I was in the stores forever today but did not miss out on anything 🙂

  58. At first I thought it was crazy to create a spreadsheet, but it has been the best thing ever. It is so easy to locate ANY coupon! Thanks for the suggestion!!!

  59. I always want a coupon clutch after reading this post! I have been hinting around to my husband…so far no luck. Maybe for my birthday?
    Haha…we will see.

  60. I find that not clipping the coupons and just dating the inserts works well for me. Less time consuming. the downside is that you dont have all your coupons with you at the store in case you see an unadvertised deal. Still not sure it’s worth it to clip.

  61. I have never seen the coupon clutch before! It’s cute and very stylish. I am now saving up for it cause my coupons are so disorganized right now.

  62. Never seen a coupon clutch but it looks like it helps keep you ever organized.

  63. I read & commented on your “Stockpiling 101: Organizing Coupons”.
    I love the idea of the coupon clutch. I have dropped my coupons everywhere before & it was AWFUL!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win…:o)

  64. I love the idea of the coupon clutch!! Now to have one myself!! LOL I have enjoyed reading this article. Great stuff here!

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