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Stockpile Storage Ideas

Stockpile Storage Ideas. Our reader Heather recently had a roof leak that destroyed much of her pantry and laundry room. The good news is that she gets to redo the entire room and her insurance is covering it!

Stockpile Storage

She reached out and asked for stockpile/pantry/laundry room ideas.  They are in the planning stages and having a difficult time determining the best way to set things up- cabinetry, types of shelves, general organization.   She asked if there would be a possibility that we could do a post about it and where readers can also comment what works for them and what does not.

Stockpile Storage Ideas

I made a trip to Lowe’s to do some research for her and came up with the above ideas. This would definitely be my dream laundry room. Now Heather did mention that her room is little. So, they may not have room for this. I am also including a picture of my laundry room too so you can get an idea of what my space looks like.  Here are pictures of my stockpile room as well.

Stockpile Storage Ideas:

Since the photos I have moved all the chemical products to their own shelf and all of the laundry and cleaning products to my laundry room. Hope this helps!

Well, this post is for you Heather 🙂 So this is a chance for you to give Heather your suggestions and tips for a pantry/laundry room!

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  1. I saw you had your canned goods on the wire racks. Do you like them? I also saw some that are heavy duty palstic and are adjustable but they seem too wide for a normal shelf.

  2. Love your stockpile room and areas. I don’t have a laundry room, but a closet. No basement or gargage, just a very small linen closet, so I stockpile everywhere I can. LOL I don’t have a very large stockpile at all. Everytime I get the stockpile going another diaster happens involving one of the vehicles, usually mine. LOL

  3. I love the first pic.that Melissa posted except the small cabinets on either side of the washer/dryer. I have those in my kitchen and I wish that I shoved everything down and used a reg. cabinet. Unless you have a special purpose for the smaller cabinet you will need to put slide outs on the shelves and that is just spending more money. With the regular cabinet you can store more and add different levels to them. For myself I have a shelf above the washer and then cabinets above the shelf.

  4. Love this post! I’m a brand new couponer and just hauled home my forst ‘load’ last night! Now I’m desperate for stockpiling ideas and tips because I have no idea where to put my 12 free giant bottles of shampoo. Lol! Thank you for this post!
    And thank you Heather for letting me learn along with you!
    Emily in Minnesota

  5. I find that deep cabinets are the kiss of death for me – things get pushed back and lost. Impossible to inventory. I prefer shallower (6-8″), adjustable shelves, in short sections, all the way acrss the wall and from ceiling to floor. Adjustable short sections means no wasted space. Think about a closet organizer with it’s short sections. If it were me, on the Lowes photo, I would shove the w/d to one corner and have a larger cabinet on the other. Then I’d look for a cabinets with pull-outs so I could see eveything.

  6. Collin did a post on this a while back and she uses the space under beds. So she has a small clear tote for deoderants, lotions, etc. She says it also keeps her from buying more than she needs. Its a great video if you have time.

    1. Yes, we have posts on that too but this reader has the space for a stockpile laundry room. Thanks!

  7. I would recommend a stacking a washer and dryer to save space and built in pantries all around. Line one small wall w/ rectangular hampers and mount some on the walls to save space. Just make sure they are anchored in a stud and have hooks where they can be easily detachable. Also, I recommend at least a small counter area for folding, sorting your stock pile, lying sweaters flat, etc.

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