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How to Shop at Aldi and save BIG

One of the most overlooked grocery stores in my opinion to save money shipping at is Aldi. This is even considering that Aldi does not accept coupons. You are reading that correctly – they do not accept coupons. Why?

How to shop at Aldi and save big

Aldi offers low prices, especially on produce and special buys.  Even without using coupons Aldi is a great way to save.  They don’t carry multiple brands.  They are not a traditional grocery store.  They carry only 1 brand (their own) name.   Aldi carries Gluten Free foods, so this is a great place to save from your gluten free budget!

How to Shop at Aldi and save BIG

First of all, sign up for the Aldi Email Club.  By subscribing to the weekly email, you will receive the latest offers from ALDI. This includes Top Picks of the week. You will also find additional savings with featured special buys and other special offerings.  Be sure to use your junk email when you sign up!

Aldi offers Special Buys are offered for a limited time, while supplies last—usually, a few weeks or less.   Some examples of special buys include:

  • Seasonal food items (watermelons in summer, turkeys at Thanksgiving).
  • Small kitchen appliances under Aldi Crofton® label.
  • Bed and bath items carrying under Crofton and St. Cloud® labels.

Aldi offers a double guarantee on their store brands.  They believe that they have the best quality products. They’ve designed and tested their brands to exceed the national brands in taste and quality. They’re so confident in their products that every item in their stores is backed by an unbeatable Double Guarantee.*  If for any reason you are not satisfied with any product they will replace your product AND refund your money.  *The Double Guarantee does not apply to non-food Special Buy items and alcohol.

Aldi has a Wednesday Meat Special Buy Day. Every Wednesday, look for the Meat Special Buy item. It is weekly special and prices and quantity is limited.

You can also price match to stores that price match with the Aldi ad for fresh produce.  This is a great way to save both time and money.  Read this post – How to price match for all the details.  I like to price match at Walmart and Target with the Aldi sales ad.

Aldi Shopping Tips:

Bring a quarter with you to use the grocery cart – you will get it back after you return your cart. It is a system to be sure that you return your cart back to the front of the store – it cuts expenses for the brand.

Bring your own bags – they don’t provide them (they can be purchases for $.10 each) and you bag your own groceries.  If you don’t bring a bag then you can collect boxes from around the store to use  (my Aldi keeps a stash of empty boxes by the register too).  Aldi doesn’t stock shelves like at traditional grocery stores.  They use the boxes to save money so you will find empty boxes available.

Aldi’s prices for produce, dairy and meat really can’t be beat.  They are far less than traditional grocery stores.

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  1. I shop at Aldi’s all the time. I do both couponing and shop at Aldi for most things that you stock up on basically can goods, some dairy stuff. The only thing that I did NOT like there was their Strawberry jam. It did not have enough actual berries in it. Everything else I have gotten there is in most cases BETTER than the name brand stuff. Meat is also good. Stuffed Chicken breasts are my step-sons favorite and are taste the best I have ever had and cheapest around.

  2. We were so excited to check out this new store in Punta Gorda, Florida. What a waste of time.

    Our first time in this store turned out to be a nightmare and I will not return to shop again. Walmart won’t be losing this customer to Aldi’s.

    The appearance of the store was quite nice and neat upon arriving! But that’s about the only thing I can say good about the trip. Most newly open stores are always neat and organized when first opening.

    I’m a very methodical shopper and spent much time choosing my groceries filling my cart with groceries and wine. Wasted my whole morning.

    Got up to the check out , cashier rang up my groceries and then proceeded to take my wine bottles out of my wine bag and put them aside. he said he needed ID. Well my husband pulled out his wallet and ID to pay for all and the cashier refused to sell us the wine. His reason? I did not have my ID. I don’t carry my purse in stores because of all the theft that goes on in stores. Mind you I am 57 years old and my hubby is older than me. My grandson is 23 years old and could have gone in to buy the wine for me. Nope he just flat out refused to sell my husband the wine because he was with me.

    At first we laughed. Thought he was joking. I mean come on… I think I look good for my age but that teenage look left me in my mid 30’s. Just ridiculous.

    Needless to say we decided to take our groceries out of the bags and let them put the items back on the shelfs. Even told them to keep their quarter but thanks for the free reusable bag, I can fit quite a bit in it at Walmart and I left my $5.00 Aldis coupon on a Walmart shelf.

    1. Providing your ID in addition to your Husband’s (or anyone with you) is law. Yes it’s a pain but the cashier was just doing their job

    2. People who work with all types of alcohol and tobacco products have to card. Regardless of who you are or your age. Some businesses are stricter than others, meaning card everyone. The law where I live, if you get caught not carding, you lose your job, get fined and do jail time. Before we could work in a store like that, we had to take a class. Not the class to have a license to serve, which I have my licence for that also. But a class that goes over the law with selling those products. They were just doing their job, nothing towards you personally.

  3. Wow! Yeah that happen to me and my husband at Wal-Mart. He is the one who bought the stuff and it was his beer I didn’t even touch. But I did not have my wallet so they would not sell it to us. So if I came in the store with my child they couldn’t sell it to me cuz I’m with someone under 21??? I don’t understand how that is suppose to work.

  4. I understand the frustration, however if the ID’s are not checked that cashier could have lost his/her job and you people are like ” it was my husbands beer” yes it may have been for your husband , however you were with him in line and yes you hava to show ID as well, So ladies it seems like you would be happy if the cashier lost their job instead of you showing your ID because you are not the one paying for it your husband is . If that was your child or even yourself you would have to card everyone as well BECAUSE IT IS THE LAW and if you do not card everyone YOU LOSE YOUR JOB!!! GIVE THESE CASHIERS A BREAK THEY HAVE FAMILIES TO SUPPORT TOO !!!

    1. I’m not sure about ALL states, but in my state, my toddler and 7 year old aren’t required to carry IDs…I’ve never had a problem buying a bottle of wine when I take them grocery shopping. It’s rather preposterous to think that a store would refuse duh a purchase if your children could not produce IDs stating proving age of 21 or older……

  5. Our Aldi opened Dec 6th. I was at first just happy to have a store that didn’t requiring me to drive across town. Hooked after first visit have not found one produce that disappointed. The fact it’s literally acros the road from my work & on my way home is an added bonus.

  6. I take my 2 laundry baskets with me and put them across my backseat…..take the cart to the car, open the door and start tossing groceries in!! As long as it isn’t raining or snowing. So much quicker than bagging several small things inside the store.

    1. That is an AWESOME tip for shopping at Aldi! Plus so easy to carry inside AND no remembering your bags!

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