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Couponing at Save-A-Lot


Couponing at Save-A-Lot. This is a fantastic place to shop and save money. Save-A-Lot advertises that you can save 40% off of brand name products.  They accept manufacturer coupons and store coupons you can print from their site.

They have a baby club called “Being Well Baby” that you can join online.  You can earn coupons, samples and more.  They have a Smart Shopper Club that you can join, save-a-lot.com/smartshopper that will give you access to money saving coupons, offers and more!  I often get $5/20 coupons from the smart shopper club!

Not only that, but they also have amazing everyday prices. There isn’t a huge sale cycle that you have to follow there to save. They also have butchers in each store so you can get really fresh and amazing cuts of meat. Be sure to check out Save A Lot. It is a great store to save money from your family budget.


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