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Stockpiling Diapers and Baby Supplies

How to you prepare for a baby? My best advice is to Stockpiling Diapers and Baby Supplies now while you are able to and before you get too far along in your pregnancy. Also, be sure to gather as much free product and free product coupons as possible and stockpile diapers and other baby supplies.

Stockpile diapers and baby supplies

Before you start create a junk email. This is an email account that you can use to sign up for special offers, samples, freebies and coupons. It is not your primary email account and normally not one that you want to receive on your phone.

Stockpiling Diapers and Baby Supplies:

By stockpiling diapers and baby supplies in advance you can save yourself time and money later. Use available coupons and match them each week to the store sales ads. As diapers are on sale or cycle to the lowest price this is the time to stockpile. When storing diapers be sure to keep them in an air tight, climate controlled environment. You don’t want to keep them in a storage unit that is not climate controlled or a garage. It is best to store them off the ground and in their original package.

What is a Stockpile Diaper Price?

Diapers vary in price by size and style. There are so many choices and one thing that is difficult is that some infants are sensitive to a particular brand of diaper or you will find that one may fit or work best for you. Ask your friends for advice. I personally used Pampers for Peyton for the daytime and used Huggies Overnights for sleeping. They were the only diaper that prevented leaks for us. However in general just like with traditional stockpiling if you are willing to try a variety of brands you will be able to save more money.

Diapers vary in price per package and there are so many sizes of packages available. They also vary from store prices to online prices (crazy but true). This can often be hard to determine a stockpile price especially when you haven’t purchased diapers before. I would suggest that you consider a price per diaper cost when comparing versus a per package cost. This is a general guideline for a stockpile price per diaper. Remember when you find them for LESS this is stockpile time for sure!  Also, prices do vary per region.

Newborn: $.15
Size 1: $.15
Size 2: $.16
Size 3: $.18
Size 4: $.21
Size 5: $.25
Size 6: $.30

Where should I stockpile Diapers?

1. Amazon.com  – be sure to use the Amazon Mom Subscribe and Save Plan.  I never found this be the best deal in terms of a stockpile price. It is really convenient though.

2. Drug Stores – CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid often have the best prices when it comes to stockpiling diapers. Watch their sales cycle and match with available manufacturer and store coupons.

3. Grocery Stores – Watch your grocery stores sales cycle and match with sales. By matching with manufacturer coupons you can save by purchasing the smallest size allowable based on the wording on your coupon.

4. Big Box Stores – Kmart, Target, Walmart – Often times you can do well at Target because you can stack both a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon at the same time. When you watch the sales cycle and match with a low price this brings the price per diaper to a stockpile price.

5. Wholesale Clubs – If you already have a wholesale club membership then I would suggest pricing the diapers and comparing to the price you find at the above mentioned locations. I purchased the majority of my diapers at Sam’s Club because at that time I already owned a membership and I found that the prices were comparable. However knowing what I know today about stockpiling I believe I would have saved more money by shopping at the Drug Stores. It will vary based on what brand you price too.  If you use the Sam’s Club brand you might find those less expensive than brand names.

How many diapers should you stockpile?

This is a tricky question. The average newborn goes through 8-10 diapers a day! Depending on the weight of your baby you may not need newborn diapers for long so I would NOT stockpile them. Your best bet is to stockpile a large quantity of the larger sizes in my opinion. If you have a baby shower you will get many of the smaller sized diapers as gifts, but larger diapers are the more expensive per diaper. When your baby starts sleeping through the night you will reduce to 6-8 diapers a day. This should help you in terms of deciding how many to stockpile. My friend stockpiled as many as he could, and it really benefited them in the end.  They were able to save thousands on diaper costs as a result of stockpiling.  In fact he has leftover!

This also correlates to stockpiling wipes and other baby products.  We still use wipes to this day.  Be sure when you stockpile that you purchase the smallest size allowable based on the wording of the coupon.  That is how you will take your savings to another level.

Stockpiling 101

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