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Sprout Organic Baby Food Review

Sprout Organic Baby Food Review. If I, had it to do over, I would have only used Organic baby food or made my own.  I made “some” of my own baby food and used “some” organic however I at that time I was not gardening and did not always have fresh ingredients on hand.

Now you don’t have to worry about that!  Celebrity chef Tyler Florence has created an organic gourmet baby food called Sprout.  It is certified organic, made entirely from nature’s purest ingredients, without any preservatives, sugar, starches or fillers and created by a chef so it must taste great???

We were sent 3 varieties to review and since we don’t have babies anymore, I sent it to my girlfriend to review with her daughter.  Florence, who is the father of three, created Sprout to give parents the ability to encourage healthy eating habits starting with their babies first bites.  Florence believes that by the time our kids enter school their taste buds and eating habits having already formed, and the best way to instill healthy eating habits is to feed newborns pure, nutritious, organic foods starting with their first bites.

Sprout’s recipes are developed using Florence’s culinary expertise, with highly nutritious, flavorful foods that your baby will love, including Roasted Bananas & Brown Rice, Pasta with Lentil Bolognese, Roasted Pears & Apricots, Sweet Peas & Garden Green Beans and many more.  WOW!  Sounds like something I would eat at a gourmet restaurant!

Baby Lauren and her mom reviewed this product for us, and they gave all three varieties two thumbs up!  Lauren tried Roasted Pears & Apricots and though the package was messy to open, and she had to pour it in a bowl, versus using it in the package as it advertises that was her only complaint.  She said it was the “best smelling baby food I have ever smelled” and it tasted great (yes she tasted it for us).  Whereas most baby food is very bland, the Sprout Roasted Pears & Apricots had a lot of flavor.  She said, baby Lauren loved it!  She kept saying “mmmm” after each bite. She also loved playing with the package.

Next Baby Lauren had Sweet Baby Carrots, Apples & Mango.  She said it smells awesome and again she really liked it.  She also had Baked Sweet Potato.  It was a great consistency, all potatoes not a lot of water.  She could not feed Baby Lauren fast enough.  It was all a very high quality.  Baby Lauren is used to eating ONLY organic baby food and their final review was Sprout is a very high quality, flavorful line of organic baby food and they would definitely recommend Sprout.

Sprout’s line includes 18 recipes which are now available online and at other local retailers found at http://sproutbabyfood.com. Sprout will also be sampled in local Cincinnati/Ohio-area Kroger stores at the end of this month, so be on the lookout for a chance to sample and purchase this awesome tasting product in the near future!

I would love to hear from you!  Do you use organic baby food or make your own???

Disclosure:  Sprout Organic Baby Food sent us 3 samples to try for this review.

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  1. We use both homemade and packaged organic baby food. Sprout is my favorite packaged brand. I also like the Plum line of baby food. When I make my own, I use the crockpot and an immersion blender. Super easy!!

  2. In our home, my sister who is married and has a beautiful kid use homemade baby food. She thinks this will help her child grow healthy and strong. Its also good for health.

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