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5 Tips to Save On Gasoline

5 Tips to Save On Gasoline - This is really helpful when you are planning a road trip!

Here are 5 Tips to Save On Gasoline. This summer we are always on the go-go-go.  We have taken several day trips, a couple overnight and it seems like we are always driving somewhere each day.  With that being said it is impacting our budget.  Instead of driving on our vacation we opted to fly because it cost us less too!  I decided to do a little research on how we can conserve fuel and save on gasoline.

5 Tips to Save On Gasoline:

1.  Reduce your speedSet your cruise control.  By reducing your speed, you can actually save yourself gasoline!  Also, by driving at a steady speed you can too!

2.  Skip the luggage rack – if you remove the luggage rack from your car you will actually save yourself on mileage!

3.  Pack lightly – the more you take the more it will affect your fuel economy.

3.  Tune-up – It is important that your car is working to its highest efficiency.  Get a tune-up before having out of town and make sure that tire pressure is good.  This effects gas usage!

4. Fill up in town – Drive a couple of miles in from the exit when you are traveling.  Prices seem to be higher by the interstate.  Taking the extra couple of minutes may save you in the long run!

5.  Wax your car before you travel – My neighbor swears by this.  He says he increases the fuel efficiency when he waxes his vehicle before he travels.

Do you have any money saving tips?  I would love to hear them!

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  1. It is true that gas prices are higher by the interstate. The town I live in is $3.55 by all t he highway entrance/exits, but in town it varies from $3.44 down to $3.39. We always go to Costco for our fuel because they’re always the cheapest and closest to our house.

  2. Make sure all of your tires are filled to the appropriate level, and evenly filled. I’ve always heard this will give you and extra two or three mpg!

  3. There are sites like GasBuddy.com and GasPriceWatch.com that have lists of the gas prices in your area so you don’t have to drive around guessing where to fill up. I thnk there are Apps for your phone as well so you can check on the road. I noticed a few years ago when we drove to FL from IN, that prices were alot cheaper in KY.

  4. We use grocery store points like Kroger and also Ingles to help cut the cost of per gallon prices. While on the road, we use GasBuddy on my cell to locate the best price wherever we are at the time. Works for us. 🙂

  5. I always fill up in town and keep a tune up on the car. Now, the waxing part…never heard of it but too funny!!!!

  6. We always get a tune up, have the tires checked and fill up the tank before we head out. I, like the others, haven’t heard of the waxing part. Might just have to give it a try 🙂

  7. We use our Dillons points to save on gas. You can rack up points fast when they are doing their 4x points on gift cards. We always stock up on gift cards to places we go regularly when this happens and can easily get up to $1 off per gallon. That adds up quick!

    Also, pre-coupon totals add points, so while I may only spend $10 in store, I might have gotten 50 points or more out of the trip!

  8. There are web sites that track the cheapest gas prices. I would take a look at that to see where I can get a good deal before a road trip.

  9. Don’t forget Walmart is giving 10 cents off if you fill up using the CC or giftcard.

    If you have to pull a trailer, think about using a radiator additive called Royal Purple Ice. “It reduces engine heat by reducing the surface tension of the radiator fluids for improved heat transfer.” In other words, when we pulled our monster horse trailer and several thousand pounds of horses and hay through the Smoky Mountains, our engine temperature remained rock steady. I’m not positive how this translates to gas mileage but it sure prevented a huge problem of an overheated engine!

  10. Wax your car before you travel to save on gasoline????!!! I know people like to wax their car for it to look good for when they are traveling.


  12. I have saved a lot of money by using the GasBuddy app. At first my husband, poo-poo’d me, but when we saved .20 cents a gallon one time, he became a believer!

  13. Huh…I will have to check out the wax the car before you travel tip. Interesting. I pack snacks too to help save on the budget.

  14. Here’s how to get really crappy gas mileage…load your car up with a nugget car top carrier and 4 bikes on top! Makes you feel like you’re driving into a brick wall! Don’t forget to stuff the trunk so it’s weighed down. We drove this summer 2400 round trip and our gas mileage SUCKED! But we had no choice, so saved on other ways.

  15. give the car a tune up.
    CVS has deals to earn gas cards.
    I have noticed the gas is cheaper in the middle of the week then it is any other time of the week.
    I have heard gas is better to get early in the morning then it is later in the day.

  16. Get an oil change before you leave. Check your tire pressure. Download a Gas finder app on your phone if you can to find the cheapest gas. Plan out your route and stick to it. Stay away from the gas stations along the highways as most of the time they are much higher priced and much busier, sometimes driving a mile or so more can mean all the difference.

  17. Since we have a Yukon, it’s a gas guzzler. So, my husband checks it over from front to back. He will change the oil, wash it, he swears by washing and waxing it too. He checks the tires and cleans it out. I do my part by shopping and saving the gas points. In March we had to travel to CT for a wedding… I had 1800 pts that saved us a $1.80/gal. I asked my family members where the cheapest gas was when we arrived.

  18. These are great tips! We aren’t able to go on a trip yet but soon we will and all these tips will be so helpful! Thank you!

  19. Jiff to go is great. I have used it many times. Using this for dipping apples is is just great!…… Take the Jiff to go on a family trip to the zoo bring your precut apples and you are ready for a good healthy snack.

  20. I have been saving up the $10 gas cards weekly from the CVS promotions and have 5 or 6 for vacation to help ease the pain at the pump a little!

  21. Never heard of the tip about waxing – but with gas prices these days I’m definitely going to give it a try!

  22. I always check cheapgas.com before filling up. Also, use your Winn Dixie Rewards card and save on Shell gas!

  23. These are all great tips and the ones I use, except I didn’t know about waxing the car. Makes sense..kinda like stream lining. Thanks.

  24. Get your gas early in the morning or late at night when it cooler, you get the full amt that you are paying for and not alot of vaper, also never fill up after the fuel trucks have fill the station tanks, it will stir up the settlement that can get in your fuel, and could cause a build up and possibly clog your fuel line which can lower gas milage in the long run.

  25. Ohh, I like Cheryl G’s tip about the sediment in the tanks ! Thanks !

    Also, I like to fill up close to the tanks as the pressure is better so the gas comes out full and faster. However, I have found that if someone is filling up opposite of me at the same time, it reduces the pressure.

    Do remember not to light cigarettes or use a cell phone in the vicinity of the pumps as it could start fire or cause an explosion.

    Gas fumes also will drift in to a car with open doors and windows and it can choke a small infant or cause harm to occupants so keep the windows and doors closed while fueling.

  26. Another great tip is to keep your speed around 55-60 on the freeway. I tend to do that even when the speed limit is 70 (staying in the far right lane, of course), and it saves gasoline and saves my car!

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