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Snow Day Activities Roundup

 Looking for some Snow Day Activities to do with the kids, here's a great list of fun things to do!

Here is our favorite Snow Day Activities Roundup. Need some ideas to help make a snow day FUN! Be sure to check out these fun activities. We love snow days! They are literally our favorite after summer break! If you are looking for some ways to make memories with your kids that will last a lifetime, be sure to check out these fun and creative Snow Day Activities.

One of our top things to do when it snows is to make snow cream. The kids love it! We also like to play cards, make homemade playdoh and build a blanket fort. No matter what you choose on this list become a Memory Making Mom. When it comes to snow days this is your opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime with you kids! They won’t remember doing chores on a snow day, but they will remember making a snowman lantern or having a dance party.

Snow Day Activities Roundup:

How to make Snowcream

How to make ice marbles

Can you turn boiling water to snow

Family Game Night

Frugal Family Fun = Dance Party

Build a Blanket Fort

Playing Cards = Cheap Entertainment

Winter Craft Project – Snowman Lantern

Eco Friendly Winter Craft – Soup Can Snowman

DIY Snowman Birdfeeder

How to make recycled crayons

How To Make Homemade Playdoh

Dress up

Button Ring

“Blessings” Jar

DIY How to Make Cloud Dough

DIY Bookmark

DIY Pedicures

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