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20 Minutes to An Entirely Clean Home

20 Minutes to an Entirely Clean Home!

20 Minutes to An Entirely Clean Home. Everyone knows that saying, “There is no place like home.” Among all of our daily stresses, we can always count on our home being the place where we can go to unwind and feel safe. One of the struggles we encounter when it comes to our home is trying our best to keep it clean.

Keeping a clean home can be strenuous or easy depending on the routine that you can keep and the help that you can get. There are a number of ways to make your cleaning routine easy and stress free.  If you are like me, you are looking forward to the New Year.  That is the time for me get my home organized and I hope this strategy helps you!

20 Minutes to An Entirely Clean Home

5 Minute Clutter Round Up

Most of the time, a little quick pick up for your home is all it really needs. Before any cleaning routine starts, putting everything in it’s place is the way to start. Keep different baskets or storage containers placed in your home in eye appealing spots. Put items into these container to put away in their proper place when you aren’t pressed for time. This should take about 5 minutes if you move quickly or enlist help from the rest of the family.

5 Minute Wipe Down

Grab your favorite multi-surface duster to quickly cover all the surfaces in your home. A multi-surface duster is perfect to move through all the wood, stone, or glass surfaces in your home without having to waste time switching products. For the kitchen, your favorite anti-bacterial product will work to move quickly throughout the kitchen. Another good product that works well is a natural mixture of vinegar and water to disinfect and clean surfaces. Keep a couple of microfiber rags in hand, move, and wipe.

8 Minute Floors

Making sure you have all the tools available to quickly do your floors is an essential plan to have before starting a quick cleaning routine. A broom and an all in one mop is a great choice for hard floors. Quickly sweep the floor and run the mop over any sticky area. If you need to vacuum and are pressed for time, just vacuum the high traffic areas in the living room or hallways.

2 Minute Refresher

A nice spritz of your favorite room spray or homemade air freshener is the perfect way to complete any home. Create your own natural spray by mixing your favorite essential oil with ¼ cup of water to quickly freshen up any home.

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  1. Clutter is one of my biggest challenges. It helps if you have a system and get the whole family involved in putting away their things.

  2. Hmmmm….think I need to try this….clutter drives me crazy and we have way too much of it….thanks for sharing.

  3. This is great! I agree that the clutter and piles make things appear a lot worse than they actually are, sometimes, thx

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