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At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

Enjoy these At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents. Life with teenagers can get pretty busy and certainly chaotic at times. But staying intimate and connected with your spouse is just as important as it was the day you both said “I do.” It’s finding the time and the energy that’s the hard part, but it’s certainly rewarding when you take that initiative. 

At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents:

You also don’t have to feel like you have to leave your home or spend a bunch of money to have a wonderful date night. Your home can be the place you kick back and relax. Here are several at-home date night ideas for parents with teens.     

Go Out and Get Some Fresh Air

There’s just something about sitting outside on your patio and watching a sunset with your spouse or snuggling up next to one another around your fire pit on a cool evening. You can also bring out a bottle of wine and a blanket for stargazing and enjoy the quiet romantic evening with just the two of you.      

Blindfold Tasting Game

If you’ve never blindfolded your spouse and played a tasting game together, you’ve been missing out. It’s actually a lot of fun and without all your senses, can actually be difficult to figure out what you’re tasting. This is not an invitation for you to play a mean trick and have them try something you know they don’t like. Keep it fun and maybe even a little romantic.  

Simply Talk with One Another

When you have the rare opportunity of a break from your teens, don’t spend it together while on your phones. That’s not spending time together. Put all of the distractions away and spend time talking with one another. Don’t talk about the kids or how you’ll make ends meet this month. Discuss your relationship and the things that you still enjoy about one another.   

Fondue Dinner for Two

If you don’t have a fondue set, it’s something worth investing in. Whether it’s for delicious cheeses or chocolates, it’s sure to be a big hit for the two of you. Fondue is also something that pairs nicely with a glass of wine.    

Watch the “Big game” Together 

This one is only if the two of you are both big sport’s fans. Don’t make your spouse sit there and watch something that you both can’t enjoy together. But if it is, go ahead and order pizza or pop some popcorn and hopefully, your team comes out on top.   

Play a Game

For those couples that enjoy playing games together, make it happen with games like Scrabble, Chess, or Jenga. The game of Twister may even wind up being an interesting match-up for the evening.  

Paint a Masterpiece

Feeling artistic? The two of you can paint your own pictures or share a canvas together. There’s sure to be a good conversation and maybe even a couple of laughs throughout the night. Even if you’re a terrible artist, you can still have fun. 

Create a Bucket List 

Our lives as well as our relationships can sometimes become stagnant when you don’t have goals and dreams that you make and accomplish with your spouse. Life is too short and precious not to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Consider making a date night where you both come up with a bucket list that the two of you can cross off together. Whether it’s sky-diving or finally taking that trip to Europe you’ve been talking about for years, now’s the time to make those dreams happen.   

These are a few date night ideas for parents of teenagers that are sure to make for a wonderful evening. What are some other date night ideas that you sometimes do with your spouse? 

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