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Emergency Tips Every Family Needs

Sharing Emergency Tips Every Family Needs today! When an emergency comes our way, it’s how we respond at that moment that may determine whether everyone in your family gets out alive. Whether it’s a house fire, flood, or an F5 tornado that’s ripping and tearing its way down your street, everyone in your family needs to be ready for it. You may not like the idea of scaring your 5-year-old about emergencies, but storms, fires, and floods aren’t going to wait around for them to grow up. Keep reading to discover emergency tips every family needs.

Emergency Tips Every Family Needs

Talking with your children now about these emergencies and discussing a plan of action for each scenario is crucial. By preparing them for these deadly encounters now, you’ll help them better cope during these situations, so that they’re not left with their feet frozen to the floor. Check out these emergency tips that every family needs.

Be Sure Younger Children Know the Basics

When you have smaller children, it’s important that they know some basic information if they were to ever get lost or separated from you after an emergency has taken place. They should be able to tell first responders their first and last name, their phone number, and their home address.

Go Over Every Type of Emergency

While you don’t want to scare your children about emergencies and threats, it’s important that they are aware of them so they can respond correctly if that type of emergency were to ever happen. Talk about each type of emergency with them in a calm and collective manner.

If you live on the west coast, it’s important to teach them about earthquakes and what they need to do. When you live along the east coast, discuss with them what to do if they ever experience a hurricane. Go over with your children what to do and where to go in case of a fire, bad weather, or any other type of threat that could happen. This is an important emergency tip every family needs to know.

Have a Family Emergency Plan

It’s best to always plan ahead and prepare your children what to do during an emergency, instead of hoping for the best. Here are a few ways in which you can develop a family emergency plan that every member of your family should know about. Practice each and every of these emergency scenarios every couple of months just to keep things fresh in your children’s minds.

List of Phone Numbers

Keep a list of important phone numbers in a place that your children will always be able to easily find. These numbers include fire, police, poison control, school, relatives, and mom or dad’s work number. It also wouldn’t hurt to leave your address written down so your child can quickly inform emergency respondents.

Escape Routes

Walk your family around the house and discuss every possible escape route for every room. It’s a good idea to not only go over it, but to practice these escape routes every once in a while so that your children will know how to put them into action.

Emergency Contact

Also, make sure to have a number of a relative or friend that lives outside your state. That way they can know where you are after a natural disaster has occurred. They will be your point person that can alert others of your condition and whereabouts.

Fire and Water Proof Important Documents

Purchasing a small fire and waterproof safe for your important documents is essential. Put all of your family’s social security cards, birth certificates, marriage certificate, health insurance information, bank and credit card investment account numbers, latest tax return, copies of medical records, pictures, and other things of importance in it.

Show Your Family Members Where the Emergency Kit is Kept

Every home should have an emergency kit and your children should know where to find it. It’s not a bad idea to have one ready in your home and also one that’s kept in your car. Here’s a checklist of a 72-hour emergency kit for reference.

Meeting Places

Go over with your family at least three meeting spots in case of certain emergencies. One for fire, another for outside your neighborhood, and one that’s further outside of town if you all need to quickly evacuate.

Keep an Evac-Pack Ready

When an emergency has happened, you may have little to no time to collect your family’s necessities. Have a pack ready that would allow your family to evacuate quicker.

Keep Smoke Detectors On Every Floor of Your Home

Always be sure to have up-to-date batteries in your smoke detectors and make certain that you have them on every floor of your home. Keep one close to the kitchen (where most fires start), near every bedroom, and even in the basement.

Don’t Skip Out on Home, Car and Property Insurance

There are certain people that make the decision not to maintain their home, car, or property insurance because of financial strain, but the truth is, you really can’t afford not to. Don’t be one of those people. An emergency is already devastating enough on a family, but not being able to replace what you lost, would leave a far more sickening feeling in your stomach.

Final Word

Preparing your family for emergencies can be the difference between life and death. You may not like the idea of sharing this type of information with your children because you believe that it may cause too much anxiety for them, but think about how much worse it would be if that emergency did happen and how much more scared they would be because they didn’t know what to do.

What are some other emergency tips that families should know about that may not have made this list? Has your family ever been put in one of these situations and how did each family member respond?

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