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Ideas For Social Distancing

Are you looking for Ideas For Social Distancing? If you are looking for boredom buster for a child, teen or adult check out this list! We have over 50 ideas for you. With the pandemic of the COVID-19 or Corona Virus across the world we are all practicing social distancing. That can be difficult to become un-busy. We are a society that is so used to be on the go constantly. Instead of being on the go it is time to be still.

Ideas for Social Distancing

During this time of social distancing it would be the perfect time to start a thankful jar. We have so much to be thankful for even today. Yes, even without sports, school and our normal busy routine.

I told Tim this morning as the family enjoyed a big breakfast together that I don’t mind a bit that we are clearing our schedules to spend more time together. It makes my Mama heart happy to have everyone home. Another great idea is these 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours you can take on your couch.

Want to fill your time with some crafts and other DIY activities! We have you covered. You support us by clicking, sharing and reading our content and we appreciate YOU!


Need a recipe? We got you!


Boredom Buster Ideas

Ideas For Social Distancing:

Email Letters

Organize Closets

Paint a room in your house

Rearrange furniture

Do your spring cleaning

Teach your kids to cook


Organize photos


Create a thankful jar

Teach your kids how to do laundry

Make these two ingredient cookies

Organize your recipes

Make this Decoupage Recipe Box

Redo the Fabric on Kitchen Chairs

FaceTime with a friend or family member daily

Make Glitter Slime

Edible Play Dough Recipe

Tie Dye With Sugar

Night Sky Mapping For Kids

Make Cloud Dough

Make Sponge Bombs

Exploding Colors :: A Rainbow of Fun Science Experiment

Pepper Experiment :: A Fun Science Lab Experiment

Lobster Kid Craft

Create a scavenger hunt around the home (inside) and first one back wins

Play board games

Organize your linen closet 

Take a Green Tea Detox Bath

Read a book

Make recycled crayons

Make a beaded bracelet

Have a Dance party

Create an Obstacle Course

Create a skit and act it out

Mad Libs

Make a Tin Can Wind Chime Craft

Work Out at Home

Watch Movies at Home

Take a walk or hike

Make a Sharpie Marker Plate

Make Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

Make these 5 ingredient blender muffins

Make homemade lavender shower bombs

Make Lavender Basil Bath Soak

Make Lip Sugar Scrub

Edible Finger Paint

Sugar String Eggs and Baskets

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