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How to remove mud from clothing

How to remove mud from clothing

How to remove mud from clothing. It is soccer season at our house and clothing is quite MUDDY!  This picture was actually taken though of my husband’s shirt.  He decided to go up to our garden to check on the sweet potatoes and he came back looking like this – COVERED in mud!  This was a Brand-new shirt that I picked up for him at the Tommy outlet and he was really upset.  Instead of treating it and washing it, I let it DRY.  What?  Seriously. Why?

How to remove mud from clothing:

By following these steps, you can easily remove mud from clothing without using a pre-treater.

Step 1 – Let the mud dry

Step 2 – Use your vacuum attachment to suck the mud off of the clothing once dry

Step 3 – Launder as normal

If you have any mud stains left

Step 5 – Pre-soak in the sink with OxiClean

Step 6 – Gently scrub area to lift stains

Step 7 – Wash on delicate cycle

Step 8 – Repeat if the stains don’t lift

Do NOT dry the fabric until the stain has lifted.  Drying will set the stain.  Do not wet the stain before lifting the mud with the vacuum.  It will set the stain.  In order to lift the stain, you would need to use a pre-treating agent (I suggest OxiClean). One of the active ingredients in OxiClean is sodium percarbonate  and hydrogen peroxide.  The ingredients lift stains before they set when washed.

I hope this helps someone who may find themselves in the situation we were in!  P.S. We now only wear “junky” clothes to the garden.

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