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Safety Tips for Hosting a Pool Party

Safety Tips for Hosting a Pool Party

Safety Tips for Hosting a Pool Party

Check out my safety tips for hosting a pool party. Owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibility. You will soon become pool party central.  Last year we moved in to a house with a pool and we love it!  Throwing a Pool Party was our first priority this summer. My boys had their friends over when school ended and that is when I realized how much there is to do. I love to have all the kids at our house but with that comes a lot of responsibility.  No matter the ages of your guest there is so much to think about! 

Every year there are an astonishing number of drownings and safety is the most important thing to me. I have discussed with my children that even though they are good swimmers, accidents do happen.  Experienced swimmers can drown. That was a very surprising statement to them. They think since they have been swimming, before they were a year old, that can’t happen to them. Sharing with your kids is very important because most of the time they think they are invincible. 

Safety Tips for Hosting a Pool Party

First Rule of Pool Parties

The first rule for having a pool party is talking to each parent about their child’s swimming capabilities.  We have had a surprising amount of children that can not swim.  BEWARE of the children that will say they can swim and they can’t.  This is another reason to keep a close watchful eye on everyone in the pool. There are times when we have had parents drop the kids off and not say a thing.

It is your responsibility for the safety of the children while at your pool.   I often call the parents before the pool party but sometimes you don’t get to all of them. I always let the parents know I would love for them to stay if they would like. Having extra eyes and ears at a pool party is a great thing! 

Safety Tips for Hosting a Pool Party:

  1. Have a list of children’s names, parent’s names, and phone numbers.  
  2. Have an emergency contact for each child.  (sometimes parents aren’t available)
  3. Have an up to date First Aid Kit readily available. (I bought mine on Amazon)
  4. Keep pool floats to a minimum.  They are distracting and it is hard to monitor all the kids. 
  5. Age Appropriate children.  I have two boys and they are several years apart in school. It is hard to mix younger kids and older kids together.  We have two different parties for the kids, unless it a family pool party. Family pool parties include parents so it is easier to keep watch over the pool. 
  6. Have a rope that separates the shallow end from the deep end.  Our shallow end just drops off! 
  7. NO RUNNING on the pool deck for any reason! 
  8. Always have extra sunscreen and towels on hand.  
  9. Set up rules about entering your home.  “Wet don’t step” is our motto! If you are wet don’t step in my house.  This actually was a rule made with my own children. We had our oldest bust his head on our kitchen floor. 
  10. Remind kids of bathroom breaks for obvious reasons! 
  11. If there are children in diapers require them to use swim diapers. Remember a swim diaper doesn’t hold water.  You may want to consider asking that young children do not get in the pool. You can offer a baby pool alternative at your party.  Remember this is your pool, your cost of cleaning and caring for the pool, and your decision.   
  12. Even adults need supervised sometimes. 
  13. If children are spending the night make sure they shower or hose off.  Some kids have skin irritations from chlorine.
  14. No jumping or diving in the shallow end.  If you are having a kid party you may want to say no jumping or diving at all. 
  15. Consider hiring a lifeguard for your party! (You can call your local pools and ask if any of their lifeguards would be interested.  This way you know you are getting a properly certified lifeguard. You can also request documentation from the lifeguard themselves.)
  16. Make sure the kids know if there are no adults there is NO SWIMMING!

Safety Tips for Hosting a Pool Party

Family Pool Parties are the best! 

We have a lot of friends that have children the same age as ours. We often have Potluck Pool Parties.  Everyone brings their own meat to grill and a side dish or dessert. I always keep hot dogs on hand for whoever wants them.  This is a great time for friends and fellowship.  IMPORTANT TIP!  Even though I am not a drinker some of our guests are.  I have never had to use this advice but NEVER let an individual who is heavily intoxicated in your pool.  I have heard horror stories and I do not want to be a statistic. 

Pool parties are a lot of fun and one of the main reasons we love our pool.  We are in it almost every single day.  It is amazing exercise for the kids and for us parents.  We especially love to jump in after working in the yard in the heat.  I would not trade having a pool for anything!

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